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Reasons you should use a solicitor to write your will

If you’re planning to write a Will you’ve probably encountered someone ask you “Why do I need an attorney? You can get a Will Template online.” Perhaps they recommend hiring an Will author who, being an amateur, is likely to cost less.

But, having a legal document isn’t the only thing. There are many services that an attorney can do which aren’t offered by an Will author or DIY wills.

These are the five most significant

1. A solicitor is able to form the Will

A Will is an official document, and in that sense, it has to be written and planned with care, and in legal terms. It doesn’t mean that it has to contain lengthy Latin phrases in each sentence however it must state exactly what you mean and there should be no room for misinterpretation.

A Will is often misinterpreted, regardless of how straightforward it appears. One of the least complicated Wills that has been recorded was written in 1906, and it simply stated “All to Mother”. Although it seems like a simple statement but it was challenged by the wife of the man. The reason is that he would sometimes refer to his wife “Mother” because she was his mother. children, which gave her reasons to believe it could be a reference to her.

A poorly written Will could be expensive and stressful for your inheritors. A dispute over a contestable Will could lead to significant legal costs, which could seriously reduce the inheritance.

This can cause significant delay before funds are released and could result in difficulties for those who depend on them. For example, if you had a plan to leave a significant portion of your estate to trust to your children who are minors at the time you pass away, but made the Will in that it is contestable, they could be left to spend long periods of time without having anything to be able to live on.

A solicitor will recognize the risks of vague or incorrect language and be able to guide you towards a legally sound Will that is uncontested. Peace of mind is definitely worth the small cost.

2. A solicitor is a professional with extensive legal expertise

Certain Wills are simple — or, at least, appear to be. Certain Wills are complicated. However, in any event it would benefit from the legal expertise of a solicitor.

This is especially evident with complicated Wills. For instance, if your estate is likely become subject to Inheritance Taxation, your lawyer can advise you on the best way to reduce the impact while still being in compliance with the laws.

Other situations that require an attorney’s involvement crucial are:

If you are looking to make arrangements for your business that you run, you must do so.
If you’re looking to set the Trust such as for minors or for heirs suffering from severe impairments.
You may have kids from an earlier marriage.
If you have investments outside the UK or property, in this situation the Will has to be compatible with at least two legal systems.

In all of these scenarios DIY Wills or using a will writing service could put you at danger of creating issues for your descendants.

At the very least the case, the DIY Will could end up being inequitable if you’re not familiar with the exact procedure. It could be that you be unable to make a Will, which could result in a multitude of issues with the distribution in your will. Your Will could be simple however having a lawyer collaborate with you ensures you are in good hands.

3. A solicitor is aware of the best questions to ask

A majority of people only write Wills Will at most once or twice throughout their lives, while the specialist solicitor will have given advice on hundreds. A lot of people enter into the process of making the Will with a good concept of what they wish to accomplish, but they don’t have having a solid idea of how to achieve it.

Wills solicitors will sit down with you and discuss the details of the details of what you plan to include in your Will. It is important to note that no professional with a good reputation will try to influence your decision-making process however, they will be able to ask questions and provide suggestions to help you think through your ideas and ensure that your Will is in fact exactly what you wanted it to.

4. More than simply an Will

A law firm that has an in-house Wills department can provide more than just making the Will. It is possible, for example you may also wish to set up an Lasting Power of Attorney, and a lawyer will be in a position to do this in the same manner while drafting your Will.

Your Will must be safe and simple to access when required. That’s not always simple, particularly when you have moved several times. The Will could get lost or your heirs might not be aware of where you kept it. It is usually more practical to keep your Will with a solicitor who will maintain it safe and be able to create quickly and with ease.

Additionally, a solicitor is able to act as executor of your Will. It is possible to, of course choose family or friends members to be executors, but it’s difficult to know how much their lives may change when the Will is made.

5. Solicitors are subject to regulation

In England and Wales allows anyone to draft Wills. The law in England and Wales allows anyone to write a Will. However, it is crucial to draft your Will correctly to ensure it is legal and fulfills the purpose you wish it to.

Solicitors are bound to abide by an extremely rigorous Code of Conduct under the Solicitors Regulation Authority and if they belong to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, The Law Society, and the Legal Ombudsman can offer you assistance should you require advice. While will-writing firms aren’t legally regulated.