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5 Reasons To Use Roof Top Tents

Top-of-the-line tents (RTTs) are increasing in popularity in the UK each season. In this article , we’ll take a look at the reason for that. There’s a good chance you’ve seen vehicles traveling around with what appears like a strange-looking storage bag over the top, but they are actually tents that fold up into a scrumptious oases off the ground. If this list isn’t enough to convince you to invest in one in your house there’s nothing that will.

What’s the benefit of a roof top tent? Here’s 5 advantages:

1. The ground is a sleeping surface

Since you’ll be on the roof the vehicle’s roof, many roof tents can be accessed using an incline ladder. So, when it rains it won’t be sleeping in a puddle , or in the dirt pit. It’s also easy to get the breeze when you’re above the ground, which means that the tent can be more breathable and will stay cooler during summertime. Also, you’ll get an improved view from being high above the ground. it’s like being in the treehouse!

Being elevated off the ground keeps dirt and other debris from your tent. For example, if you’re camping on dusty or sand ground, you could climb up the ladder, wash your shoes, and go into your tent, without spotting anything in the.

2. It’s safer

This is an additional benefit of standing away from the ground, but it’s worth its own reason. Wildlife is less likely enter your tent if it’s elevated off the ground particularly if you take down the ladder when you’re not in your tent, meaning that squirrels and other animals won’t be able to climb it up. It’s much more difficult for creepy crawlies such as scorpions, spiders, or snakes to enter your tent, too.

The world of Australia and Africa which have very nasty creatures in the dirt RTTs have been a hit for a while, but they’ve started to catch on in the UK in recent times too.

It’s also an obstacle for those who are looking to purchase some great camping equipment at the five-finger mark, since they’ll have a difficult time take your 150-pound roof tent from the roof of your car, especially without making a lot of noise or causing injury to them. A tent set on the ground is easily taken off and moved away in just a few minutes.

The tent you set up set up on top of your vehicle lets you store all your expensive gear in the vehicle you have locked are asleep. Some of the most dedicated offroaders have their beds in their trucks with an over-the-top truck however, this means that while they’re sleeping, their equipment should be stored somewhere else. With an RTT the gear you have remain put in place and secured throughout the day.
3. A comfortable sleeping platform with a pad for sleep.

If you own the most luxurious ground tent and air mattress that has ever been constructed, perhaps this isn’t an accurate statement, but in general the rooftop tents have memory foam mattresses with high density that are much better than the air mattress. Particularly if your partner or significant other is camping along with you. Almost being thrown off of the mattress each when the other person gets up even a little bit gets old quick.

The rooftop tents have also a solid bottom (usually steel, fiberglass aluminum, similar) that is perfectly smooth, unlike the floor. In spite of having an air mattress sleeping on the ground can be a lot of enjoyable. The tale about the princess and Pea was not exaggerated that many times if you ask me. The experience of sleeping in a tent on the roof is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in your home bed in terms of comfort overall.

4. Durability

If you’ve ever spent the night in a ground tent during a wind/rain/hail/snowstorm, you know that you are likely to be kept awake all night by flapping of the tent material, probably find yourself in a pool of cold water in the morning, and possibly even find your tent damaged beyond repair.

It’s especially frightening when you get into a state of sleep, only to wake up to the battered face of your tent being blown on the floor that it’s literally crushing you. Even more frightening the tent is ripped off its stakes and you’re hamster-balled all over the campsite.

Fortunately all of these issues pose a problem in the case of a roof tent. A majority of them feature an incredibly strong fiberglass panel which can be popped straight up or at an angle that shields you from the majority all elements. Although the majority of RTTs feature canvas side panels that can possibly sag in the winds however, the canvas is more durable , and a lot of them come with mechanisms that let you make the canvas more tight in the event of windy conditions.

The majority of ground tents are constructed to be light and compact however RTTS are designed to last and are durable because your vehicle will carry all the weight. RTTs typically are constructed using aluminum or steel, and the canvas is stronger than the lighter materials used for ground tents.

5. Easy and quick to install and set up

The majority of RTTs are easy to put up: simply need to park your car in a flat area and then take off the latches or locks and the tent will pop up by itself or you can fold it up. There are some tents with annexes that take an additional few minutes to set up, however, generally speaking, RTTs are faster and more simple to put as compared to tents for ground because there aren’t poles to make or stakes that you need to drive in the dirt.

In addition, the majority of RTTs allow you to keep your sleeping arrangements in place, even after the tent has been packed down, so that everything is ready to go the moment you start to open the tent. If you’re in a tent that’s ground it’s not possible, and you’d need to fill up the mattress with air or a sleeping pad, and then lay the sleeping bags.