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Choosing a new hair style

When it comes to haircuts, not all are designed to be alike. Simply because you have seen and admire a certain cut, does not necessarily mean it’s the best one for everyone. And this is the reason. Your hair’s texture play an important part in determining a haircut that is suitable for you, but also your face shape is a more significant part. With that in mind We are going to share with you tips on how to identify what Cuts You Should Choose.

When determining if that new haircut you’re looking at is suitable for you, the first factor to take into consideration is the shape of your face.

This can be done very easy; simply tie all your hair away, and then stand in front of the mirror. Draw the circumfrance of your face on the mirror using a lipstick or marker pen. Walk away and you will see your face shape . Your hairdresser will also be in a position to help you.

Once you have determined which face shape you’re in, review some of our suggestions below to discover which hairstyles would be suitable with each facial faces given.

Oval Face Shape

How lucky are those with an Oval form of face? Oval is believed as the best face shape for anyone because many hairstyles can be used with an oval face. Really, the sky is the limit. One can go all out here, long or short being the best choice. The mid length cuts are acceptable however, they may detract from the features.

If you’re wearing an oval face You can split it from the middle or the side, or switch between the two depending according to your preferences. Hair can be styled straight or smooth and curled or textured so the options are endless.

Long Face Shape

If your face shape is long, it is best to avoid haircuts that are too short or long. This can only increase the length of the face. The other long-faced celebs are Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler, so images of their hair serve as fantastic models. If your face is longer, and you decide to go with a longer length, you could add fringe to help in breaking up the length, and compliment shorter foreheads. Visit our website for the latest Great Clips coupon.

Round Face Shapes

If your face’s contour is round, go for a long bob with a central part to break up the roundness and lengthen your face. Beware of haircuts that hug your face as they will increase the roundness. Another option, is to go for an extended side-swept bang or an asymmetric cut. This breaks up the round shape. Below, you’ll see an example that will work for an oval face. Adele as well as Chrissy Teigen are both fans of this facial shape.

Shapes of Square Faces

Faces with a square shape for ladies It is important to elongate the face. Cuts that show the forehead. If your going for a shorter cut, make sure the fringe is whispy to create an edgy look. Nicole Richie, and Olivia Wilde make up your face.

Heart Face Forms

If your face shape is Heart Make sure you pay attention to your eyes as well as cheek bones. The bangs are an excellent way to hide the width of your forehead and can be worn with any length you want. The length of the bob should be chin-length to broaden the face. of the face, or even below. Reese Witherspoon, and Kerry Washington both have heart shaped faces. The length will determine how much an extra width to the face. the bangs determine if you need to cut off length of the face or width of forehead. This is also a great way to camouflage a low hairline.

Diamond Face Shapes

If you have diamond face shapes are required to have haircuts that balance out the narrow chin and reduce the cheekbones’ wideness, and also reduce the overall length of the face. Whatever hairstyle you pick, should soften your features. Make sure you have deep side parts and layers. Avoid straight and slender styles, such as the center part and bangs that are too long. Heart shaped bangs will disguise the wide forehead. A bit of length can add more width to the chin. The photo below looks more sophisticated and you can see this style frequently on the streets of Paris.

If you want longer hair, make sure to add layers. Chin bangs that look like this are a great choice because they can really accentuate the features.

Take these face shape guidelines serve as a guideline when you choose the next hairstyle. What is your face shape? Let us know through the comment box. Add these pictures to your Pinterest board and take them with you to the next time you meet for a haircut with your stylist. With this guide and your stylist’s knowledge will allow you to find the perfect hairstyle just for you.