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Choosing A Photographer For Your South Wales Wedding

This post is for couples who would like to get stunning wedding photos that reflect how kick-ass amazing your wedding ceremony was. It will set you off with the right path in finding your ideal wedding photographer.

There are typical mistakes couples make when booking their wedding photographer & this blog can help to avoid these pitfalls and put you on the right path to selecting a photographer that is reliable and will create stunning photos of the most significant event of your life.

This blog post is not intended to promote my photography. I will definitely make use of my experience as a starting point but at no time am I declaring that I am the only photographer you should take into consideration. My approach may not work for you.

As an example, I’m certainly not a photographer that does fashion-inspired magazine images, if that’s your thing then I’m not your type of photographer.

If you follow these tips , you’ll be able to get the photographer that is perfect for you and end up with wedding pictures that will tell the story of your day and show how you look.

How to select your wedding photographer

Tip 1

Do you like them? Does it look like someone you’d invite to your wedding as guests? You want the person you hire to be an individual rather than “the aid”.
This is the most important thing to remember as they will be present for the most precious moments in your life. The more comfortable you are with your South Wales wedding photographer, the more relaxed and natural your wedding photographs will look.

If you don’t enjoy the person they are as a person, or don’t be able to connect with them, regardless of matter how amazing your wedding photos are they’ll always be associated with the bad experience you had.

The best thing to do when you believe you have found the photographer who shoots the style you like is visit the “about the photographer” web page.

This site should provide an insight into their work as a person, not as a wedding photographer.
If it’s filled with stories of how they’ve been taking pictures of people since they were able to walk and grew up with cameras in their hands they’re not telling you anything about themselves.

The statements you read here don’t provide any insight into how they’d be to hang out with. Sure, they can snap incredible photos and they know their equipment to the back of their hand but the primary question you should be able to answer from this page is “Do I like this person or is he a dick”?

Tip 2

If the prices appear like they’re too good to be true that’s likely because they are. This is evident, but you’ll be surprised by how many times customers buy solely on price.

If someone offers discounts of PS200 discounted price on a package that is already in the lower end of the spectrum, you should ask what the reason. In my opinion, if they think so little of their own work, would they be apathetic about the product they sell to you.

(There could be variations to this policy and you may be lucky, but do you really want to depend on luck for something that will be an everlasting memory to your day of wedding)?

Tip 3

Be wary of wedding photographers who offer the “selection from styles” or “tailor their look to suit your preferences”

This could indicate that they’re still not able to nail down their personal style yet, and your wedding photos may well be sloppy or worse.

The old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” is often true in these instances..

Tip 4

Wedding photographers are booked up quickly. Most will be taking reservations up to two years in advance and weekends that are more popular in the peak season are quickly booked up too.

The chances are that as soon as you were engaged, you began looking for wedding ideas as well as suppliers prior to deciding on the date. You’ve started following that photographer that seemed to connect with you and you can see yourself in their pictures. You’ve enjoyed their images and shared their stories.

If you’ve arranged your venue and the wedding date is booked and no longer just pencilled in your calendar as an option, it’s the perfect time to talk to that ideal photographer.

As an extra tip and this is the case for every wedding venue you are interested in. If you like them make an appointment as soon as possible. Your intuition is never wrong.
To quote from the 80’s romcom When Harry Meets Sally “I was aware of the way you know about a good melon”.

Tip 5

Photographers will never cease to post photos, share their work and generally show off their finest work. Most likely, the first site you’ll see their work is on social media. If they seem to be sharing the wedding photos you would want go to their website, and then check out their blog page if they have one.

The blog posts usually show the whole day’s wedding. you may even be lucky and find a post that shows a wedding taking place at the location you’ve chosen. You’re looking for consistency in the photos and the showcase shot is fantastic and will look gorgeous in a frame as the central pages of your album , but when the other images aren’t great or don’t adhere to the same fashion, beware. A handful of amazing images do not lifelong memories make.

Extra tip – Don’t fret even if your photographer has never been to your wedding venue before, good photographers will always do review prior to the wedding day and will check out the best locations for photos it’s rare they go in blind. Also, wedding photographers are highly adaptable (it is a result of many years of experience working at weddings, where factors like the weather or light can change rapidly, especially when you’re getting married in Wales)

Tip 6

Brides’ testimonials from real brides.
The majority of photographers have reviews on their site (I do) it’s an excellent starting point, but remember they are not going to write negative reviews.

Review Google review, FB reviews to see if they’ve got reviews on them. A good way to determine is to determine if the reviews they’ve posted on different platforms are in line with a wedding they have blogged about, so you can witness firsthand the work that received such a rave review. Also, look for reviews that provide more than just “She/he has provided us with amazing photographs”.

If the reviews of their customers constantly comment that they can be a part of your day or help you relax , and those are what you’re searching for, then you’re on the right track to be winning.

If you ask your wedding friends, they will be honest with you, but make sure that the photographer you choose is one who is a good match for what you are looking for, simply because your best friend who enjoys fashion-forward photos gushes about their photographer does not necessarily mean that they are able to provide the more comfortable and fun images you’re after.

Tip 7

Get in touch with them. In the crazy times we live in it’s unlikely to actually meet up with your photographer before you book the photographer. A phone call or zoom call could help you discover your photographer better and if not, at least confirm that they’re real.

Zoom calls can be at first a bit strange with but a lot of us have got used to them in the past year, when you chat to them , do they put you at peace or even make you laugh? do they talk to you about your day and not just offer you a big deal on the wedding price before being inquired about them.

One of the most enjoyable meetings I have had we barely talked about weddings. We just conversed and had a good time. I once spent the first 10 minutes of a meeting chatting about gaming and comics with the groom at this point, I was pretty sure these guys were going to be the perfect fit for me. (They booked me as well).
Many people are able to tell if enjoy a person in the first few moments of meeting them. Therefore, no matter how beautiful their pictures are amazing if you don’t like them , they might not be the right fit for you.

This is not an exhaustive list of rules and don’ts. But by following these tips you’ll be on the way to answering the question of choosing your wedding photographer.

Every person’s needs will differ in what they want from photographers, but remember to go with your gut.

If you are comfortable with them and you seem to be on the same page, then reserve them prior to when someone else does.