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Choosing a Prom Dress

With prom right nearing, figuring out how to choose the perfect dress for prom could be on your mind. In the end, you’ll need to be looking stunning for the biggest day of the school year.
Here are some of our top tips on how a teen will look like a famous person at prom!

How Can Teens Identify Prom Fashions?

Look up to what we saw on red carpet, the magazines and what you’re finding in stores today to discover the most sought-after styles of this season.

Begin to search for your ideal dress by perusing magazines or browsing the internet to find what kinds of dresses you’re most drawn to. Go to the shops with a clear idea of the kind of dress you’re searching for. Take a look at all the dresses you can. Your notion that you have of”the “perfect dress” might not be as appropriate to you as a different design. Don’t limit yourself.

What length dress is the best?

The short cut is the best fashion of 2009! We’ve put aside the old belief of long dresses being the sole option. Of course, dresses that are long and even just beneath the knee are gorgeous also. Choose what you like best and do not worry about the hemline. It’s all about what you like best as well as makes you feel complete. If you’re looking to cut it short the details are essential to make the dress prom-worthy think bows, lace sequins, ruffles, and sequins.
How to Select the Best Prom Dress

A few simple ways to remember are:

To get a more fuller silhouette look, consider an empire waist with shorter hem. A waist that is empire can give you a longer slim figure.

Shapes like pear or hourglass- (Small waist as well as full hips and the bust). You’ll look stunning in all kinds of dresses. Dresses that flatter you the most are strapless dresses or dresses that have a cinched waist and a shorter hem.

Triangle-(Small on top and a heavier bottom). Look for a larger bodice and full skirts to disguise the hip area. Find cinched waists and cap sleeves for a more balanced appearance.

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Inverted triangle (Fuller on the top)Look for dresses with simple necklines, with no bows, ruffles, or rouching at the top that only bring attention to the neckline. Make a balance with a more full skirt.

Slim and without curves (Slender)Create curvatures with the use of a bubble hem or an A-line dress. You should look for details on the top, giving an illusion of being larger. It is also possible to show off your style by wearing a floor-length ball gown. It is your choice to wear patterns and pick the color that will suit you the best.

Short-hemlines with shorter lines are the most flattering. Find mid-calf or mid-knee dresses that don’t encroach on your petite frame. The smaller details and the solid colors are the best to ensure that everyone can see you, not only the dress.
Does There Exist a Style that Does Well on Every Figure?

A dress with sleeves that sits just below the knee will be a perfect match for any figure.

How Do You Choose the Best Bra?

The right choice of bra is vital and will make a impact on how your prom dress fits. If you’re petite, you might wear bras, if your dress isn’t too sheer or very light in the color. You should however think about nipple cover or silicon pasteies if opt to skip the bra, you should never be too cautious.

If you’re wearing a spaghetti or strapless strap dress, you should opt for a bandeau or strapless bra. Choose one with boning in the cup that will aid in supporting your breasts and keep it from falling into your waist. Another option that can be beneficial is to invest in an adhesive tape with double-sided sides which can keep your bra and dress in the right place.

A backless bra could be more challenging. You’ll need an unbanded, strapless bra. You might also be able to buy a bra extension strap you can connect to your bra strap and tie around your waist (if your dress isn’t entirely backless.)

A halter-style dress requires an bra with a halter. They’re accessible and could make the best of the bras mentioned above. Choose a bra with adjustable straps that can wrap over your neck while leaving your shoulders free.

How can girls minimize bumps and Bulges?

There are some miracle workers available to reduce certain assets , or give a more smooth look under your dress. Visit the lingerie shops in your area or department store to find shapewear like waist cinchers and slimmers for your thighs. They carry a range of styles to match what you are wearing. Spanx or Body Wrap are two great brands to search for.

Do you have to spend an astronomical amount to look fabulous?

It is not necessary to shell out a fortune to be stylish on prom night! If you’ve already gone through your closet as well as your friends and family closets and haven’t found anything… it is possible that you are able to start searching for your gown early and go to the local thrift shops to find high-end dresses reduced to the point of being almost unattainable!

What are the latest trends in accessories for Prom?

If you’re looking to alter your appearance, you can put a hair extension clip to give you an entirely different appearance. They are a must at prom time. The other items that have become trending this year include rhinestone head clips, braided or flowered hairbands, beaded clutches and strappy metallic heels.
Are there any Hot Celebrity Styles?

The styles I enjoy this year are one-strap dresses, the with a slender hemline Sequins of every size and hue are always popular as are dresses in playful hues like plum, papaya or yellow will help you make a statement prom night!

If you require assistance making the decision on the right prom dress bring with you a family or friend member to assist you in making the final decision. They’ll have the ability to view the dress from different angles and provide their opinions on what dress is the most flattering to your body.