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Dos and Don’ts of Buying Jewellery Online

It’s not unusual for you to be thinking about or doubting buying jewellery online. It is different than shopping online for clothes and certainly not the same as buying jewellery in-store. However, there are ways you can beat the online shopping world with these tips and tricks!
Don’t be fooled by the brand name

There are no wrong or right ways to shop for jewellery. We have all bought name-brand jewellery at one time or another. The price of jewellery can be affected more by the brand than the material. Before you buy expensive brand-name silver, it is worth looking into pre-owned gold. A £530.00 6-carat belcher bracelet from a trusted retailer could get you a 9CT white gold.25-carat diamond tennis bracelet with £81.00 left. To save money, look beyond the high-street to find other options. For example, at CHANTI.

*Top tip when shopping online for watches: If you are looking for a particular make, model, or year, get in touch directly with the retailer selling it rather than buying on marketplaces that may charge additional handling fees and/or delivery fees.

2. Don’t forget to do your research

You don’t have to be a jeweler to shop for jewellery. However, knowing the basics of buying diamonds and the variations between them can make the difference between paying too much or getting a bargain. Reviews and opinions are important factors in final decision-making, especially in the age of the Internet. A Google search will reveal much about the opinions of previous customers regarding a brand.

3. Do you know what you are looking for?

Knowing what you want can help you tailor your research to meet your needs and budget. It is quite different to search for “engagement rings” than for a platinum, 2 carat solitaire ring. Use the information you have gathered to narrow down your options. This will allow you to compare prices and not feel overwhelmed when shopping online. This is an advantage of shopping online. Instead of hopping from one store to another, you can access everything on the internet.

4. DO ask questions

To help you understand the price, the materials, and the condition of each item, we aim to provide as much information as possible. However, we are open to receiving phone calls, emails, or messages in our chat system if you have any questions or want to double-check for your peace of mind. All the online jewellery is directly accessible to us. We can provide a photo of the item or compare similar items. We understand that buying online can be a little different from buying in-store so we aim to bridge the gap between buyer and product.

5. DO purchase from an authorized jeweller

You should ensure that you verify the validity of any information you receive from an accredited jeweller. The National Association of Jewellers is an association of professional jewellers who have to apply to be accepted. This will generate consumer confidence while you shop.

6. REMEMBER the little things

Online shopping may seem less transparent when it comes to the details such as shipping costs, warranties, and return policies. Even though they are minor, they can make a big difference to your online shopping experience. William May customer service is committed to security and care. We also understand how important it is for you to love your jewellery.