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How often should I get my bike serviced?

A lot of people ask us how frequently do we have to service our bike.

Generally there is not a common answer because of this sadly as it truly is determined by the bicycle, the quantity of miles covered, the surface the bicycles been ridden on and what you are holding.

As a general guideline an annual program is a great manual, or even in case you are a cyclist driving all year round for road salt, snow, mud, and rain two times annually is better as the seasons change.

Whenever you purchase a new bicycle from us, they are going to give you a complimentary service for six – eight weeks. These initial checks and adjustments are very important. Whenever your bike is primarily assembled the brand new parts take the time to settle in because you initially ride it and this comprehensive check and adjustment of all of the aspects of your new bike is more important at this earlier stage. We are able to also service your bike in case you purchased it online and offline.

It’s much better to be proactive with bicycles and not put things off which do not seem correct, being reactive is more likely to result in additional (more expensive) harm and also importantly bicycles are automobiles utilized on highways, therefore do not jeopardize yourself, it is not worthwhile.

You will find some tell tale clues your cycle is due for a bike service;

A rusty bike chain has to be constantly oiled.
Squeaky bicycle chain as above.
Grinding noises – Bad, parts may have to be replaced.
Hard to brake – braking system must stop you easily and quickly
Regardless of how old and brand new the bike is, it shouldn’t rattle.
Tough to pedal – maybe your tyres are flat or even somethings catching
Only some gears engage – You are not getting the full advantages of your bike, and perhaps damaging your transmission

Just how do you save your bike tip top?

Anybody riding their bike frequently ought to at any rate inflate their oil and tyres your chain but be proactive, being reactive and ignoring issues is likely to be more expensive to keep in the long haul.