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How to Choose a Wedding Venue: What You Need to Consider

Before you sign the dotted line, here are some important considerations to consider when selecting your wedding venue
The top priority for newly engaged couples is to find the right wedding venue Singapore. The venue plays a crucial role in your wedding day’s success so it is important to make the right decision. There are so many options!

It is easy to get too excited about a property and fall in love. However, you should make sure that the venue can meet your needs. You can choose how many guests you invite, the decor you use, who your vendors are, and when your wedding will take place. It also has a significant impact on your wedding budget.

We can help you answer the big question: How do I choose a venue for my wedding? We have the essential questions and tips to ask your venue whether you already have your dream venue in mind, or are just starting to search for one.

How to narrow down your search

It’s like finding the right wedding dress. The building’s exterior and interior will complement the theme of your wedding, and you’ll be able envision yourself there. There are some important things to keep in mind as you look for venues.

1. Is the capacity right for you?

The first step in narrowing down your choices for a wedding venue is deciding whether you need a large venue or a smaller, more intimate one. It is crucial to consider the size of the venue as it will have an impact on your budget and the enjoyment of your guests. If the venue is too small, it will feel crowded and stuffy. Too big will make the space feel drab and cold.

You can quickly eliminate any options that are too small, or too big by creating a rough guestlist. It’s easy for you to underestimate the number of people you invite (or your parents!). You might end up hosting too many people and suddenly realize that you have too many RSVPs.

It is difficult to visualize how a venue will look once it has been filled with tables. We recommend that you view a venue before it is used for weddings. Ask to see photos if you are unable to visit the venue; most venues will have a slideshow or photo book.

A seating plan of the room at maximum capacity is another tip. This will help you determine how much space is available and how many people will fit in it.

2. Is it in the right location?

What country will your guests be from? It is important to choose a venue that is easy to reach, has accommodations on-site, or is close by if they aren’t local. How far away is the nearest international airport if you have guests from overseas? These factors must be considered when making a decision. It is crucial that your guests have a pleasant experience and are comfortable.

3. Is it in keeping with your theme?

Consider whether the venue complements or enhances your wedding style. A stunning country house or mansion such as Pembroke Lodge could work well if you are looking for glamour. Are you looking for modern? A warehouse or art gallery might be the perfect solution. Are you and your partner passionate about the outdoors? You might think about a garden marquee or castle with large grounds or a venue that is connected to your favorite sport.

Your choice of wedding dress can also be affected by the venue. You should consider the venue’s formality, weather conditions, and facilities. It might not be sensible to squeeze into fancy portaloos or drag it through the mud if you are in a field.

Create a list of your non-negotiables

You will likely have an idea about how your day will look and the venue must be able live up to that. Before you view any venues, sit down with your partner to discuss any non-negotiables. These might include:

Budget – Is the venue able to offer everything you require within your budget? Are VAT and gratuities included in the cost?
Catering – What kind of cuisine would it be? This can the venue offer?
Suppliers – Are there any artistic friends who would like to make the cake? If you have friends who are talented enough to bake the cake or take photos, do they allow it? Or should they recommend suppliers?
Live music – Does the venue allow a band? Do you allow outside music during reception drinks?
Fireworks, sparklers, flame eaters etc. You can also ask your venue to allow you to have other entertainment options.

Questions to ask your wedding venue

There are some important questions you should ask your wedding venue before you begin planning your big day. It is important to know what is allowed and what is prohibited at the venue.
1. Ask about the Day’s Flow

The venue representative should be able to walk you through a typical day. Your guests will be bored if there are long delays or pauses in the day.

How long will it take to have your ceremony and reception in the same space? Where will guests be, and what will they do? This applies to both the reception dinner and the evening dance.
The UK weather can be unpredictable, to put it mildly! Is there indoor space available for reception drinks if it rains?
Are they a master of ceremonies/manager for your event? This will take the pressure off of you and ensure that all your guests are at their destination.

2. Make sure to check the timings

It is an important decision to plan the timing of the ceremony. It can be hard to estimate the time it will take, but an experienced venue should have the ability to help you. When planning your wedding day schedule, consider the experience of your guests.

What advice would the venue give? We have found that weddings lasting between 8 and 9 hours work well. You want your wedding to be a great success! Any longer and the atmosphere will deteriorate towards the end.
Keep in mind the location of the majority of people arriving on the day. Give people plenty of time to prepare and arrive. How many people will need to use public transport? When is the last train?
Ask about the set-up fee and when your suppliers will have access to the space. When do you need to collect the items?

3. Consider Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any event, particularly for wedding photos. Consider whether you can take your wedding photos outdoors or inside.

Do they have natural light? Do they allow you to bring candles in the evening?
Your day will include a lot of camera action so make sure you smile! Keep this in mind: What is the area surrounding your venue? What will be the location of your photographs? Where will you take photographs outside if you’re looking at a town hall?
A view from the venue or any outdoor space is a huge plus, not only for photos but also for the enjoyment of your guests. Is there ample space outside or grounds at the venue? This is important if there are children present and to allow guests to stretch for a few minutes after the reception.

4. Take a look at the finer details

You will not be able to see every detail of your wedding day at the venue viewing stage. However, you should ask the venue about what is allowed. It is important to get these details early in the planning stage, before you book.

You may want to have a winter candlelit ceremony. Make sure the venue allows candles. Can you have confetti thrown at your ceremony if it is held at the same location?

Your venue choice is a major milestone in your wedding planning. It will also determine the date and place of your wedding and have a significant impact on all your other decisions.