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Important Rules for Wearing Velvet

Velvet is one of the materials that even those who are mature in fashion can make mistakes with. It’s a fabric that is often dependent on other clothes as well as seasons and trends. Although it’s luxurious, has soft texture and a subtle sheen, it’s also smooth enough to attract the eye in any setting It must be worn properly in order to perform as it should.

Velvet is timeless, but it has been regarded as a fabric for women’s clothes, just as silk, lace, and Chiffon are often. Since the last few years, however men are returning to this high-fashion fabric for jackets, suits, trousers , and even accessories. It’s been seen over and over repeatedly on the runway and has radically transformed the way we look at male clothing. Instead of being just one of those trends that fade away velvet suits for men are now a standard item that men look for when buying new clothes.

It’s not easy to pull off, however it’s not easy to pull off, so here are some ideas to assist you in embracing velvet this season.

Smaller Details

Sometimes, diving head-first into the velvet world isn’t always the most appropriate choice, especially when you don’t have a lot of familiarity with velvet in your daily way of life. This is why it’s recommended to take a smaller step and purchase pieces that feature velvet in tiny aspects. It could be pockets squares or cufflinks with velvet-covered buttons, or even a bow tie. But, if you’re not sure of what you can wear these accessories you should think about choosing an accessory that incorporates this fabric.

Velvet Suit Jackets

Suit jackets for men are the best way to display your stylish fashion. While it can be a challenge to find the appropriate jacket with the proper cut and colour for your requirements The benefits of making the right choice are well more than worth it.

Cut- If you are looking for velvet suit jackets be sure to select one that is sized to your body in the right way. It shouldn’t be too thin or loose, since these flaws are accentuated by this kind of fabric.

Color-Velvet is a material that is distinctive. It’s bound to shine above wool on any day or week. Even linen isn’t able to compete with it. This is why it’s crucial to stay discreet when selecting the color. Black is a timeless choice, which makes using the same outfit for various occasions easy. Other timeless colors include dark navy, maroon, purple or green. To get a standout option take a look at this Bicester Double Breasted Jacket Ruby Wine for a stand-out style.

Pairing Your Velvet Suit Jacket

There are a variety of alternatives for dressing up or down your suit jacket in velvet. You can also choose velvet trousers with the same color however this isn’t for those who aren’t confident. If done right, the appearance can be spectacular. However, it’s rarely accomplished in a professional manner. If you’re just beginning to think about with velvet as a part of your wardrobe, you should consider wearing the jacket in conjunction with other clothes that create the casual or formal appearance you’re looking for.

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Trousers- The most appropriate option to create a formal appearance is to match the jacket with thin wool or cotton trousers. If you’re planning to go for a casual, smart look go for slim jeans in grey or black.

Shirts – A button-down shirt is a great match for velvet jackets. Opt for a colour that does not draw attention away towards the silky texture, but enhances it, and gives it an attractive background. If you want to wear a casual style pick a dark velvet jacket and wear it with a simple t-shirt.

ShoesThe look stunning in leather shoes with velvet suits and jackets They add a stylish edge to an already luxurious outfit. For a more casual look, consider brogues with a chunky sole and Chelsea boots that be a great match with the pants and velvet.

Important Tips to Wear Velvet

You might want to make velvet your standout item for the season? There are numerous ways you can incorporate an elegant velvet suit jacket in your wardrobe. But there are some fundamental rules that you must to adhere to in order to achieve the outfit right.

The velvet is the main piece. When you wear a dress that is made of velvet, there’s not much need for other pieces that are bold. Choose neutral pieces for the rest of your outfit to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Choose a neutral color that will go well with the formal shirts you normally wear if you want the velvet jacket for suiting to last beyond this season. While it might have been initially thought of as a fashion, it’s rapidly becoming an option many men choose to use for a way to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd. Don’t let the style you choose fade away too fast. Opt for velvet with the darker, more modern color like wine, black and midnight blue.

If it states dry clean only – dry clean only. Do not ruin the gorgeous luxury fabric not following the directions provided by your manufacturer. Velvet is a delicate material which requires cleaning by professionals who know the right way to do it.

Velvet is a material which is frequently not seen in clothing for men, but it is a standout when it’s worn properly. Explore the world of velvet by wearing the right jacket with tiny velvet details. Then enjoy the fabric with a fully velvet jacket and the right accessories . You can also pair it with accessories with your clothes.