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It’s Easy To Sell Your Used Rolex

For the first time, as a seller of watches you might have wondered, “how can I sell Rolex watches in the UK?”. The positive side is that, when working with a trusted luxury watch buyer trading in the Rolex watch is fast and easy, as well as completely secure. We’ve put together an easy guide of four steps to selling Rolex watches in the UK to help you trade in the Rolex without confidence.Step 1. Gather details about your Rolex

When you are preparing the process of selling Rolex watches to buyers in UK you’ll first have to collect all the required details about your watch. Once you have all the required information and information, you will be able to meet with prospective buyers who are in a position to offer prices for your Rolex.

Make sure you are aware of the following information about your Rolex:

Model Specific Rolex models are more in demand than other models for example, that of the Rolex Submariner Date reference, 116610LV. It is also known by the name of “Hulk” due to it’s green dial as well as bezel. You can easily locate the model number of your Rolex on the paper that it is printed on. The model number on the watch is also located in the lugs beneath the bracelet. Since you will need to remove its bracelet in order to view its model, it’s ideal to have it removed by a professional so that you avoid any damage that is not needed.

Age Your watch will affect the value of your watch. For instance, a genuine Rolex DateJust from 1945 will fetch you a different price than a modern model.

Condition The condition of your watch plays an important part in the value that you get from your Rolex. If the watch hasn’t been regularly maintained, is damaged, or repaired using components of a different brand, this could negatively affect the price. If, on the other hand, your watch is in good shape with regular maintenance, this will be reflected the final price. Don’t be concerned when your watch suffers minor damage, though it can affect the value but you’ll still be in a position to sell it.

Box and papers The original box and papers your Rolex came with when you bought it. Although you are able to offer the Rolex watch without the box and papers, possessing these documents will show the authenticity of the watch and boost the value of the watch. Many collectors of watches prefer buying timepieces that come that come with the original box and papers in good shape.

Step 2: Find a Reliable Rolex Buyer in The UK

The next step for selling Rolex watches within the UK is to identify the perfect buyer. There are plenty of options but there some pros as well as cons for each one that should be weighed.

Below, we’ve identified the most sought-after Rolex customers within the UK:

Pawnshops: This alternative is available to those who want to dispose of the Rolex timepiece locally. Certain pawnshops can even offer you cash on the spot for your watch in cash. Although pawnshops may sound like a quick and easy option, you should be aware that pawnshops may not have Rolex experts who have the expertise to examine your watch. Because of this, the prices might not be the same as it would be if it came from a professional buyer.

Hatton Garden: Easily accessible to London residents, Hatton Garden houses a number of Rolex buyers. You can speak with a variety of buyers to learn what they are willing to pay for your watch. Similar to pawnshops, all buyers are expert horologists that can assess the value the value of your Rolex. In addition, you’ll have to be wary of unscrupulous sellers who employ aggressive sales techniques and be aware that examining the various potential buyers in this field isn’t likely to be an easy selling process.

Auction Houses Auction houses are an effective option for selling valuable objects. Because they are staffed by highly trained experts in the field You can expect to get a thorough assessment for your Rolex. You must however be prepared to wait for what could take months to get your Rolex to be sold. In the beginning, you have to wait until an auction is conducted, and your watch must be to be purchased. If your Rolex is purchased at auction, the auction house will receive a share of the profit. The amount of which will be different for each auction house.

Online ads There are numerous websites that allow you to create no-cost listings to sell your Rolex. Through an online advertisement, you can set your price of choice and then sell directly to buyers. While setting a price is a great way to recoup the price you originally paid for your Rolex but the reality is that accurate pricing the value of a Rolex on the market for second-hand is a challenge without expertise in the industry. Selling your Rolex through online advertisements is likewise a wait game, since it can require years to get your watch to be sold if it is sold even. Also, it is important to be aware of fraudsters and not reveal personal details.

Step 3: Request a Price Quote

Once you’ve figured out the best way to market Rolex watches to the UK getting an offer is straightforward. Just fill in our online form containing the information regarding your Rolex. Our experts will be in touch for you to provide a quote and tell you what you need to know about the price you want on your Rolex.

4. Sell your Rolex

Make your appointment with our used Rolex buyers London. You are able to make an appointment in our cozy and secure UK office. Contact us prior to time to set up your appointment. Appointments usually last for 30 minutes. During this time, an horologist from our team will look over your Rolex and offer you a an exact price for purchase that you are able to accept via money transfer.