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Reasons You Must Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding

Videography is a cost however, if you can afford it and you can afford it, it’s worth it. These are the top five advantages that wedding filmgraphy offers.

Although we’re frequently amazed (read that we’re crying openly on our computers) by the stunning and heartfelt wedding videos we get to watch and enjoy, we’re often surprised by how most couples don’t engage an event videographer. We understand that filming is a cost, however we believe it’s well worth the cost if it’s feasible. Here are a few advantages that wedding filmgraphy can bring.

The videographer at your wedding will be able to capture motion and sound.

Still photographs provide a snapshot of a particular moment however wedding videography records both motion as well as audio. When you film your wedding you’ll listen to your spouse gasp at the first glance as well as your dad’s toast, and the laughter of your mother. You’ll have the opportunity to view the moment you first met as newlyweds as well as your first dance and your grandmother’s stunning dance moves. You might even be able to see your wedding ceremony from above using the help of drones. As stunning and beautiful as wedding pictures can be, they aren’t able to record sound or motion, which makes videos a must.

Wedding videos convey the feelings of your wedding day.

It’s vital to employ a professional Berkshire wedding videographer that will not just capture the raw footage from your special day, but will also edit it to create an emotional video, usually with music, that will tell the full story of your wedding from beginning to end. It’ll make you laugh, cry and it’s an ideal way to revisit the wedding day.

It’s unlikely that you’ll see everything from the day of your wedding, but the video will.

The day of your wedding will pass fast and, unfortunately it isn’t possible to be a part of all. For instance, you aren’t able to witness your bridesmaids stroll down the aisle while you wait in the waiting room. It’s unlikely that your mother-in-law will weep after you’ve said “I will”. You may not even notice your parents dancing with a smile as you mingle with guests. A videographer will record these moments in film and allow you to view the footage as if you were there and even see more that you could during your day of wedding. A videographer on hand can give you a more complete image of your wedding day–and it’s invaluable.

Wedding videos can be easily shared.

Today, videographers have the ability to upload wedding video clips onto platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. This lets you easily send your wedding footage to family and friends. The videographer might also be able of creating short videos for you to upload to social media. This makes hiring a videographer a good idea for those planning smaller weddings or events that are not destination-based. You could help family members or acquaintances who could not be there feel like they were there.

You can replay your wedding video over and over and again.

While you aren’t able to display the wedding film on the wall and view it on a regular basis as you do with your photographs or place it on the table as an album from your wedding You can set aside occasions to view it and let memories flood back. You can host a viewing party with your wedding guests or view it every year for the anniversary. The wedding film will be an important memento and an important family heirloom you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.