The Facts About Suspension Service

Let us be honest: suspension is among the best things actually bolted to a mountain motorbike. Not simply will do it soften the harshness of surfaces, although it increases traction and stability, maintaining the motorcycle glued to the ground where a hardtail is often bucked around. It also decreases fatigue over long rides and generally makes your bike feel like a magic carpet, has the ability to do anything at all Mother Nature can throw at it. Best of all the, suspension has never ever been of the same quality as it’s right now, offering adjustability for a wide range of riders in a fairly very light and inexpensive package.

But, in order to manage all of these benefits, suspension calls for regular servicing. We would love to help riders understand what these professional services are and when to have them done.

Many riders do not ever actually service their suspension by any means. This is a shame; it’s like purchasing a Ferrari and don’t changing the engine oil. Ultimately, your fine bike rides poorly, and the cash you originally invested into suspension is not returning its benefits. And also the degradation has happened therefore slowly you probably have not noticed it, which means you shrug and decide you don’t need to do anything whatsoever, anyway. although whenever you ride your bike, suspension oils consistently break down, seals continue wearing out, and the possibility for a mid-ride issue starts to rise.
WHAT PROBLEMS ARE WE Speaking about?

A common problem is a blown fork seal, which will send oil flowing down the exterior of your fork leg(s). In case it’s the non drive side seal, that motor oil often contaminate your home brake, which is not safe since you’ll experience a nearly total loss of strength in that brake. It is going to cost you brand new brake pads, possibly a fresh rotor, and the labor required to get things back to regular. Meanwhile, your fork is at present working dry out of oil, with time wearing out the pricey coating on the stanchions of yours. Letting this situation continue will eventually cost you anywhere from £200 in parts and labor to possibly £1000 for a brand new fork. Meanwhile, you might have prevented all of this with an easy lower leg suspension service for £65.

Likewise, you might additionally experience break down of the shock’s atmosphere can seal. This will likely result in all of the air to leave your shock in the middle of a ride, that will force you to move whatever miles remain. Another problem will be damper malfunction, earning the shock experience harsh and bouncy as damping operates are lost. Racers in particular ought to pay close attention to suspension maintenance, since nobody wants this to take place in the middle of a race they paid hard earned money to enter.


Every manufacturer recommends specific services after a particular number of hours. That fork lower leg system, for example, might be advised after 50 hours. Many riders are almost certainly thinking, Wait a moment in case I ride a great deal, I will have to do that service every few months! I cannot afford that. The major thing to understand would be that this particular number refers to actual occasion that the suspension is now being cycled. So each rider should check out what sort of riding they do. If you are living in California or Colorado and do a lot of dirt road driving to access singletrack, there is very little cycle time occurring during those climbs. You might estimate the amount of time out of an ordinary drive is spent descending, and also base your services interval on that number. On the other hand, in case you reside or perhaps use regularly in Moab or perhaps an equivalent place where the entirety of your respective riding includes aggressive cycling of the fork, you truly need to have that service much more frequently. Bottom line, probably the most simple approach is to have the fork and shock thoroughly serviced a minimum of once a season (more often if you ride year round), while retaining an eye on those fork seals for just about any sign of oil. In case you ride usually in mud or sand, or perhaps you are not very conscientious about keeping your suspension clean, plan to do a lot more regular maintenance.

Fork reduced leg service: The seals, and they play a vital part in maintaining oil in and dirt out there, get replaced. The oil that lubricates the bushings is changed and all surfaces are washed, removing broken down oil along with particulates that could damage the nice, slippery surface area of the stanchions of yours.

Air spring service; damper service: these types of services maintain the usefulness of the elements that make suspension feel very good: the spring itself and also the damper that controls its drive. Depending on the damper you’ve, that is going to include removal of used engine oil and particulates, and certain forks require bleeding a bladder-based system.

Shock air can service and damper service: Same methods as fork program, but comes with replacing the numerous o-rings that create oil-tight seals and air- in the shock. Some services may also involve recharging the nitrogen chamber which helps to manage the damper.


Barring the issues mentioned above – which require quick attention – your regular maintenance is best completed in the off-season. Not only is that a period where you’re much more willing to be without the bike of yours for a few days, but shops are a lot less busy. While other people waits until spring and it is in a panic to have their bike back for the following weekend in Fruita, you have the service of yours outside of the way in January and are good to go.

Another tip: If you have a proprietary or unusual piece of suspension, let a little bit of added period in case areas have being ordered.

After a while, your bicycle’s linkage will in addition show symptoms of use. Whether your motorcycle uses bushings or bearings in the pivots, those will eventually break down, giving the rear end a rough, sticky sensation which can spoil the amazing feeling of a freshly serviced shock. Your mechanic is able to check the linkage as soon as the shock were eliminated, and that is the best time to service it. The bike of yours will feel like brand new again! suspension service