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Top Reasons To Buy An Electric Folding Wheelchair

The electric folding wheelchair plays an important role to play in not only improving the mobility of wheelchair users, but also increasing their options in regards to mobility and general mobility.

Chronic illnesses and old age may alter upper limb strength and the capacity to utilize self-propelling wheelchairs. This could affect the independence of a person as well as self-esteem and mood because it could lead to an dependence on care that leads to social insularity.

The ability to spend time with loved ones or friends, or participate in activities at a time that works for them is a problem and also drastically limit the opportunities to participate in life events like holidays as well as other activities that people who are not wheelchair users appreciate and anticipate as normal.

Folding electric wheelchairs provide all the advantages of conventional electric wheelchairs. They allow users to travel farther in their own way, while preserving enough energy to continue enjoying and completing whatever task they would like to engage in, like shopping, or interacting with friends when they reach their destination.

One of the drawbacks of the traditional electric wheelchair or the scooter’s size is and consequently the need to adapt to cars and homes.

The advantages of folding an electric wheelchair


The chairs can fold and stored in the back of many vehicles, or in your home. They are much smaller than standard powered chairs.

There is no need to have an outbuilding, or buy an extra storage space.


Easy to tear apart and then fold away

Lightweight, easy to fit inside and remove from an automobile

The battery is long-lasting and reliable. Invacare Mirage folding electric wheelchair offers just 4 kilometers less range per charge than its closest non-foldable model, the Invacare Dragon

There are more options with travel thanks to the size of the bag when folded. It is able to be carried in non-adapted vehicles much more easily and take less room inside hotel room, airplane holds, or ship cabins for instance.
Car adaptations

No expensive vehicle or modifications like hoists or ramps are needed because the electric folding wheelchair is able to be carried in the majority of vehicles.

Carer impact

For wheelchair users who require assistance with care, the capability to fold or detach, an electric folding wheelchair allows the user to carry and store with less effort. Reducing strain, frequency and effort in every aspect of movement and handling will provide long-term advantages.

In the end the folding electric chair provides all the benefits of a traditional electric wheelchair, but it also offers more options and flexibility, due to its ease to carry, store and use. This will give more options for users, such as traveling, reducing the possibility of social isolation, and enhancing independence.