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Understanding Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair salons that specialize in solutions for hair loss are increasing. Whatever the cause of the loss, damage, or hair loss, you’ll get provided with a solution. As a outcome.

Receive a no-cost and confidential consultation with a knowledgeable and compassionate professional. It’s a chance to ease the worry and damage to self-confidence caused by loss of hair. Check out the pros and cons…

The Benefits

There aren’t many risks or potential problems that can arise that can result from non-surgical hair replacement
The most advanced technology and materials will ensure your hair is unnoticeable and blends into your hair’s natural texture
Human hair is ethically sourced prior to being gently processed
Hairstyles are a matter of choice. in any fashion
You’ll be in a position to shower, swim and rest comfortably
Hair systems are soft and comfortable , not at all itchy.
Systems provide protection from the elements
The results will be immediate from this easy solution, without surgery

The drawbacks

You’ll be faced with the fear of being discovered however, high-quality systems are virtually undetectable
It is essential to ensure that your system is well-maintained in order to remain unnoticed
It is possible to have your head cut completely to ensure a perfect fit
In rare instances, the bonding could be loosened or broken.
A regular routine of hygiene should be carried out to prevent the growth of bacterial and unpleasant odours
Costs over the long term could be prohibitive

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

What exactly are non surgical hair replacement systems?

A reliable hair replacement system can aid in addressing hair loss as well as other scalp issues. The systems can be tailored to meet hair styles, colors and density.

After a consultation , your system will be customized to meet your requirements. Custom-made systems will be made with foundation bases and hair donors that match your scalp.

Hair systems can be secured by using medical grade tapes or adhesives based on your personal preferences.

How long will non-surgical hair replacements last?

Hair replacement products can last between 12 and 12 months based on the model. The frequency at which you go to your salon to style and maintain your hair can also affect. Systems are said to last three years if properly cared for.

It’s suggested that your system remains in place for the duration of three or four weeks. This is a matter for preference – you might want an additional service in order to keep your head neat and tidy. You may also be content to let it go for a longer period of time.

Hair loss can be very painful and can be caused by many causes, the procedure is certainly worthwhile. Consider alternative options that aren’t surgical

Hair extensions that are fused, micro-linked sew-in, micro-linked or clip-on options are available
Wigs – pick from synthetic or natural hair that comes in a variety of styles and colours
Rogaine, the trade name of Minoxidil that has been shown to stop hair loss in about 80% of instances
Laser technology Laser hair combs and helmets are able to be used for 10 minutes per day,
Three times per week