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What To Look For In Wedding Suppliers?

Selecting your wedding vendor is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. But, it can also be a time-consuming process or overwhelming. You might be a bit off course if you’re not careful with your planning and thought!

In this light I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to selecting your wedding vendors.

Shall we begin?

Make sure you take your time

While it’s crucial to reserve your suppliers as soon as possible, it’s just as crucial to not rush the process.

If you panic book the first vendors you meet it’s likely that you’ll rethink your choices later on, particularly because there are many amazingly talented suppliers out there.

Do your research

Then, where do you begin with your research?

Most couples in the UK locate their wedding vendors via; Internet searches, recommendations from friends and family, wedding directories, article, real weddings / inspiration shoots, wedding fairs and ads via blogs, or even in publications.

With so many options available it’s important to know that this can and will take some time, but the time you invest in research now will pay off over the long term.

Do your research and be sure to take into account the followingfactors:

The design of your wedding: Do you want to have a casual or formal affair A intimate wedding or extravagant celebration? City Chic wedding or a Classic and Elegant ceremony? Do the wedding vendors that you’re looking at complement your style and taste?
It’s easy to overspend and spend more than you can afford But remember that when you spend a lot of money here, you’ll need to cut your spending elsewhere.
The location of the supplier: While some suppliers are willing to travel, others might not be. Therefore, you should consider the location where your suppliers are located.

Send an inquiry

If you are asking for information, ensure you include the following information:

Name of your partner (and that of the person you are with).
Your contact details (if you’re sending an inquiry via their site).
Your wedding date.
The wedding venue(s)/location.
The product or service you need i.e. If you’re searching for a Wedding Planner Do you need them to plan your entire wedding, parts of your wedding, or help with coordination for the day?
A brief overview of your wedding day!

Regarding the question the inquiry itself, you’ll have to ask the following questions:

Packages and price, as well as optional extras.
The terms of deposit and payment.
Conditions and terms.
The booking procedure.

Create a shortlist

Based on the results you get to Step 3, make a shortlist of no more than two or three companies in each field you enjoy.

If required, arrange a consultation

For certain wedding suppliers, a quick phone call or even email correspondence should suffice to give you an idea of whether or not you’d like to work in partnership with them. However, when working with other suppliers (a wedding Planner photographer, stylist or stylist, for example) is important to test your relationship with them as well.

If you are able, get together in person or schedule the possibility of a Skype call depending on locations and availability.

Do even more research!

Make sure you check out your shortlisted suppliers further in detail:

Have a good read of their brochures, websites as well as their blogs (if they have one).
Look at their social media profiles i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Are they active on these social media accounts and who do they communicate with and which followers they are?
Look to see whether they have work featured on wedding blogs or in wedding magazines.
Read through any reviews/testimonials from previous couples.

If you do all or just some of the following, you’ll end up having a better understanding about what kind of business or person they are.

Make your decision

Follow your gut and once you’ve settled on a supplier, let the other suppliers you’ve talked to or had a meeting with be aware that you’ve picked your supplier. They will appreciate your honesty and courtesy.

You can then break the news to your preferred suppliers and start to iron out the details.

If terms and conditions for contracts are in place, then ensure that you go through them carefully and ensure that you are happy with everything included… In the event that there’s any questions marks, then don’t be in a rush to inquire about something you’re unsure. This is the right moment to ask questions, since you do not want to finish with regrets.

Once you’ve made everything official and you’re ready to be excited – you’re only one step away from your wedding day!

Hopefully the above guidelines will set you on the right track, but if you’re struggling to find the right provider, or need assistance in any other way, you should take on our site!