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Who are Solovair?

Solovair is a brand of British made boots and shoes, created by NPS Shoes Ltd., that had been started in 1881.

The NPS factory relies in Wollaston, Northamptonshire. NPS shoes are recognized for the Goodyear welt technology of theirs and work with it in most the shoe production of theirs. This specific strategy is necessary to resolve the Solovair sole onto “Soft Sole Suspension” boots and shoes.

Shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. had the patent to produce Dr. Martens boots but not the science. Thus in 1960 NPS and Griggs collaborated to develop a shoe utilizing a Solovair sole and a Griggs upper, as well as the effect was the now legendary Dr. Martens boot. The very first pair left the NPS factory in 1960. NPS Shoes carried on making shoes under licence until the mid 1990s called’ Dr Martens created by Solovair’. They trademarked the title Solovair in 1995 and so make the own air cushioned boot of theirs working with precisely the same will last as well as leather cutters and machines utilized to produce the very first original Dr. Martens suspension bottoms in the UK.

In the 1960s, NPS was among the major manufacturers of shoes manufactured using Goodyear Welt Technology. The bottoms are attached to shoes and boots with air cushioned “Soft Sole Suspension” working with a welt and pre formed canvas.

After R. Co and Griggs acquired a license from Klaus Märtens and Herbert Funck in 1960 to produce safety ones, they lacked the science and equipment to produce and connect the soles. Thus, Griggs produced with NPS a footwear that comprise of a Solovair sole and Griggs upper, which later became recognized as Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens was next made by NPS for thirty five years until 1995 under the title “Dr. Martens by Solovair”

Following the expiration of the patent protection phase, Briggs created the own bottoms of its for all the shoes, from then on referred to as “Dr. Martens AirWair”, and also in 2003 moved the whole production to Asia. At exactly the same period, NPS registered the name Solovair as a trademark and additionally will continue to create shoes today with the authentic machines, tools & strategies utilized to create the very first Dr. Martens.

These shoes have exactly the same characteristics and look as the very first Dr. Martens and therefore are much like present day Dr. Martens AirWair. The yellowish sewing thread utilized sewing the sole and top material needed to be altered to grey for trademark reasons. The Solovair logo is located on the single and on the black and green pull loop you’ll additionally get the logo along with the writing “Made in England after 1881”.

Wearers and buyers of Solovair shoes see them as a substitute to present day Dr. Martens, made in England.