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Who Is John Gwynne?

John Gwynne is an award-winning British (but born in Singapore) author of a fantasy series. He is also a Viking actor! He was a lecturer and student at Brighton University, he’s been part of a rock ‘n’ roll band, playing double bass, and toured across the USA and even lived in Canada for a period of time.

He is married to a child (and several pets) He lives within Eastbourne, East Sussex, operating a small business with his family renovating old furniture.

The best known John Gwynne books are his “The Faithful and The fallen” series, as well as the “Of Blood and Bone” series. His most recent collection was The Bloodsworn Saga.

I. Faithful and The Fallen Reading Order

The epic fantasy series has its roots in Banished Lands, a place that has a turbulent past, where giants and armies of men engaged in combat and where the ground is smouldering with their blood.

Malice (2012) Malice (2012) – A young Corban is captivated by the way young men become warriors, acquiring the art of fighting. He wants to wield his spear and sword to protect the kingdom of his king. However, that day will come very quickly. When he loses the people they love will he discover the price of bravery.

Valour (2014) Valour (2014) Banished Lands are ravaged by conflict when the army of the High King Nathair invades the kingdom, challenging anyone who is opposed to his holy mission. In alliance with the manipulative queen Rhin of Cambren and her gang, there are only a few who will stand up to his machinations. However, Rhin has her own game and has her sights set on a much bigger winnings…

Ruin (2015) Ruin (2015) Banished Lands are in chaos and war. Corban is being swept away by the waves of conflict. He’s suffered, lost beloved ones, and sought security from the dark. But he is not running further. He has witnessed the face of evil and has decided to make his sights on battling it. But how do he do it?
Wrath (2016) Events are about to reach a crescendo within the Banished Lands, as the conflict reaches new levels. Corban is captured by giant warriors who carry huge bears into combat. His Warband has split, Corban must make new allies to stay alive. However, can he form bonds with the rival groups of warlike giants? He must in order to counter the threat that Nathair is a symbol of.

II. Of Blood & Bone Series in Order

The story is set in the same universe in the same universe as Faithful as well as the Fallen trio, this third installment occurs 100 years after the events of Wrath.

A Time of Dread (2018) A warrior angel race known as the Ben-Elim have once defeated the mighty demon hoard. They now rule the Banished areas, yet their peace is enforced with brutality. To the south of them, the hotheaded Riv is determined to join Ben-Elim’s peacekeeping forces, until she discovers a dangerous secret. The west is where the gigantic Sig is investigating demon sightings and finds evidence of an uprising, as well as black magic. In the north, which is snowy, Drem, a trapper is able to find mutilated corpses within the woods. A prey or something much darker?

A Time of Blood (2019) As the demon forces increase and grow, they send a powerful force to destroy the power of the angels. Much like heroes of the past, Drem, Riv, and the Bright Star’s soldiers must fight to defend themselves and their homeland. But will the light prevail in the face of darkness?

An Time of Courage (2020) The demon-king Asroth is released from his prison of iron, and the entire Banished Lands stands on the edge of being ruled by the demons. With the Ben-Elim destroyed and the half-breed being routed, Riv and a few of companions must find a way of striking at the forces of demons.

III. Bloodsworn Books in order

Set in a world inspired by Norse filled with mythology, magic and bloody revenge, Bloodsworn can be described as a sweeping fantasy story.

The Shadow of the Gods (2021) The Shadow of the Gods (2021) – It’s been a century since the gods battled and drove themselves to the brink of extinction. Only their bones are left and they promise the most powerful power to those who are brave enough to search for them. As war rumors are heard across the land of Vigrid and the fate of the land follows the path of three heroes: A hunter who is on an adventure that is risky an eminent woman pursuing fame in battle and a thrall who seeks revenge from the mercenaries who are known in the bloodsworn. The three of them will decide the future of the world is once again in the shadow of Gods.

The hunger of the Gods (2022) Lik-Rifa is the legendary dragon god was released from her solitary confinement. She is now planning an era of blood and destruction. While Orka continues her search for her son who is missing, the Bloodsworn move south in a desperate attempt to save one of their own. Varg begins the first steps towards vengeance. Elvar has pledged to live up to her blood oath by rescuing one of her prisoners from the clutches Lik-Rifa and her dragonborn comrades However, first she has to convince the Battle-Grim to join her. But even the power that is the Bloodsworn and Battle-Grim are not able to compete against the dragon god.