Why Use Aluminum Jars for Candles?

Tins of candles made of aluminium are the favorite of our staff and customers. As opposed to glassware, you cannot see the wax inside the glass container, which means adhesion to glass doesn’t matter in the slightest. This is particularly beneficial for candles made of soy, as the the sides with frosted edges are completely hidden. Candle tins cost nothing and come with lids. Many candle makers utilize these as travel tins because they’re extremely durable.

Our wide range of aluminum tins is particularly popular with candle enthusiast as well as the professional candle crafters too. The aluminum tins that are flat as well as deep dish tins have become increasingly sought-after by candle crafters for candles made of gel and candles for aromatherapy, and with the range of sizes, you can make an assortment of 1 oz to 16 pounds. Tins with rolled edges and you can select from see-through (clear) tops, or solid ones. Whatever you are working on, you are working on, we have the perfect container to suit your needs. Remember to check your candle containers against products to ensure compatibility. Always be cautious when creating and burning your candles.

Utilize the deep dish candle tins made of aluminum to create an elegantly designed centerpiece to your home. The aluminum tins for deep dish are available in a variety of sizes, including 1 oz two oz., four Oz 6 oz, 8, 16 oz and 8 and come with lids with slip covers. Use these candle tins to fill them with attractive and vibrant waxes, then decorate them according to your preference!

The 6 oz aluminum footed candle tins come with edges that have been rolled. This candle tin comes with three feet embossed in its base, which raises the container by 1 millimeter away from the flat surface to allow for airflow. The airflow helps keep the tin’s base cool as the wax gets hot. Candle tins are ideal bridal shower favors, weddings or birthdays, and make perfect for every gift box.

The 8 1 oz twist top aluminum Tins are equipped with a handy screw-top lid. Utilize these twist top containers to burn your candles in a myriad of settings. This twist-top candle tin is an ideal container for packaging and is a fantastic option for gifting.

The aluminum tins that are flat come covered with edge covers that are rolled and are available in sizes ranging between 1/4 oz and 1/2 1 oz containers, to 8 oz and 4 Oz sizes. The flat aluminum candle tins up with bright waxes and put a unique tag or message onto the top of the cover so that everyone can look at! These aluminum candle tins can be used to make sample candles. You can use the entire collection and offer your customers your favorite scents in various sizes.

The 2 four oz, 2 oz and 8 oz candle tins have transparent top lids for slip cover and display your candles in front of everyone! Use these candle tins to store gel candles , as and aromatherapy candles and you can create a present that will keep giving! Put on a pretty bow or ribbon, and then make use of the clear top candle tins to give away gifts or as party favors that your guests and family will be delighted with!

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Pack your candles into our deep dish aluminum gold tins that are available in 2 four ounces, oz and sizes of 6 oz. The aluminum candle tins come complete with slip covers that are rolled edges and are the ideal container to package your candles to give as gifts. The aluminum candle tins in gold are an excellent option for any room. Inhale your candles to inhale delicious smells.