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All About Number Plates

What exactly is a show plate?

A show plate, also known as a promo plate number plate, which is used for show, only, rather than being used for road use.

Promotional plates are not legal to be used on roads across the UK. They are used for non-road vehicles that aren’t being driven on roads.

Show plates are not able to be used as a replacement for a legitimate number plate as they don’t conform to DVLA guidelines.

It is common to see features on show plates which aren’t permitted on real number plates to be used in the roadway like personalised text on the bottom, tinted acrylic or different fonts and spacing of numbers and letters.

What are the best 3 benefits of showing plates?

There are many advantages for having promotional plates, or show plates. Here we’ve listed three ways that promotional plates can be used.
It is used for decorative reasons.

A show plate makes the perfect personalized present for the car lover in your life. It’s a beautiful display on the wall, as a frame for a keepsake or even attached onto the door of your home, to remind everyone of the bedroom it’s in!

Show plate are very popular Father’s Day gifts for dads and can be personalized with sweet messages from the kids.

Used in car shows and track days

Track days and car shows connect people who share a similar interest and it’s not a surprise that they draw thousands of attendees every year. At these events, people display classic cars as well as new models, and they also show their cars in the competition in order to win cash prizes.
Thus, show plates are frequently used in car shows for purposes of display, and to draw attention and highlight the car’s character. It’s perfectly legal to display a show plate on a vehicle that is taking part in a show, provided the car isn’t being driven by any other vehicle.
It can be used as a promotional item

Have you ever seen competitions advertised on television, in the media, or even in malls, in which you could enter to win a car? You’ll likely find a promotional sign on the car, which is designed to attract attention of the public and draw attention to the company that gives away the car.

In addition, promotional plates are utilized on cars in car showrooms. Car showrooms are filled with cars that require to appear fancy and enticing to customers. Thus, show plates are often placed on cars to draw attention to customers and to help promote the business of the car dealer.

Additionally, promotional plates can be utilized in television shows, advertisements and photoshoots where models and actors are using a car for their appearance on screen. Show plates are great to use in this scenario because they can be personalized depending on what the director desires for the character.

If I post a picture of my car online do I need to remove the license plate?

It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, it’s a good idea to blur or reduce the size of the number plate on your vehicle prior to posting photos of your vehicle online. This can help protect your privacy from car fraud, identity theft, and stalking.

A skilled hacker or thief could be able access all of your personal data by knowing your car registration number.

How do I keep my number plate safe from criminals?

Secure your number plate with screws that resist tampering.
Always lock the car’s door as well as windows and the sunroof.
Never leave tools unattended in your vehicleor keep them out of sight.
Be sure to park your vehicle in residential areas with plenty of street lighting, where it is possible to spot suspicious activity.
Inform us of any suspicious activity if you notice it.
Install CCTV cameras on your driveway or garden.

What is a gel number plate?

An engraved gel is a reference to a plate with numbers that alters its characters to produce a distinct 3-dimensional appearance of the letters and numbers. This is achieved by applying high-quality, long-lasting resin that is industrial strength on the top of 3D characters.

Gel number plates offer the option of 3D plates or 4D plates.

What is a tinted number plate?

A number plate that has been tinted is an opaque number plate. It is legal for you to have tinted promotional or display plates if you are not driving the vehicle.

However, if you own a number plate with tinted numbers and you plan on driving the car, it is against the regulations in the DVLA.

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By UK law the plates for number plates must be constructed of reflective material and the characters must be black. The front plate has to have a white background and the rear plate must be yellow in color.

What is a 4D show plate?

The 4D plate can be described as a 4-dimensional plate. It is made through the application of 3D characters to numbers plates, and then covering them with a gel in 4D to create a block-like finish that exudes premium design.

The 4D plate is more pronounced, in contrast to a 3D plate that is less pronounced.

Are there things such as five-digit number plates?

In essence, 5D number plates do not exist – they’re a term used by certain plate makers to sell their existing number plates.

A 3D or 4D number plate will do just the trick to provide your vehicle a stylish customized upgrade.

What exactly is the definition of an EV number plate?

A electric Vehicle (EV) Number plate utilized on electric vehicles. The plates have the vertical green stripe (known as flash) on the left-hand side of the plates.

Cars, vans, buses motorcycles, HGVs, motorcycles and taxis are all eligible for green plates as long as they generate zero emissions.

Green number plates were first introduced by the Transport Secretary of the United Kingdom, Grant Shapps, to boost awareness of environmentally friendly vehicles and open an avenue for UK to be carbon-neutral in 2050.

What are the DVLA guidelines for the display of personalised number plates?

The number plates of all road vehicles must:

Meet your requirements for the British Standard
Have the correct spacing the font size and layout according to the guidelines of DVLA
Be durable and strong to stand up to the force of the material along the roads (such as debris, road salt , and dirt)
Be accompanied by legal documents
Be legally assigned to your vehicle prior to when they’re employed
The number plate should be marked to indicate the source of the number plate

For number plates used on the road, which aren’t display plates, you cannot:

Have removable characters on your plate.
Alter or misrepresent the letters and numbers on a plate for numbers, to disfigure the readability or make the plates difficult to read (e.g. by screwing bolts to change the letters and numbers).
Utilize a registration number to make your vehicle appear younger than it actually is.
Include any flags or images that aren’t approved (e.g. football symbols, symbolic symbols of religion).