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Things to Know About Towing Services

Have you ever considered what you’d do if you drove your vehicle and found yourself in a ditch on the road? You’re probably hoping that you never experience this however you need to be prepared in the event that it happens. If you end up stranded along the roadside and require help, calling a towing service is the most effective option.

Towing services are not only reliable, but they also offer expert assistance in all types of scenarios. To give you an understanding of the process for calling a cheap tow truck, you should know these things.

1. Be aware of the main reasons behind Towing Services

Towing services are required towing services for many reasons. The most frequent reasons motorists require towing services are:

In a collision with another automobile
Engine overheated
Transmission failure
Gas tank empty
Car stuck in ditch, in the mud or in snow
Flat tire
Jump-starter for battery

It is also possible to require towing assistance if you’ve locked your keys in your car.

2. Be aware of the types of vehicles that can be towed

If you’re wondering whether you can avail towing service for any kind of vehicle The answer is yes. Alongside all kinds of vehicles for passengers, many towing firms also tow trailers, motorcycles, as well as ATVs. (ATVs).

A number of towing companies also offer towing services for heavy-duty vehicles. Heavy-duty towing can include trash trucks, bus motor homes, farm equipment semi-tractor trailers and more. Whatever vehicle you own and if you require towing, it can be accomplished.

3. Be aware of the difference between the Wrecker and the Tow Truck Driver

A driver for a tow truck as well as the wrecker can both tow cars. However the drivers of tow trucks are not authorized to perform repairs on your vehicle. In contrast wreckers do not just can tow your vehicle, but offer repair and maintenance services.

4. Learn about the different types of Tow Trucks

The right tow truck can allow a truck operator to pull any kind of vehicle without damaging the vehicle they’re towing.

The most frequently used kinds of tow truck include:

Hydraulic flatbed. This is equipped with a ramp controlled by hydraulics for loading vehicles to the flatbed.
Tow truck with integrated tow. This model has an extra axle and is intended for heavier-duty vehicles.
Hooks and chains. It uses hooks and chains for towing the vehicle. It is mostly used for damaged vehicles.
Wheel lift. It uses specialized equipment to ensure the safety of the vehicle via the rear or front drive wheels.

A driver of a tow truck or a wrecker will make use of the correct tow truck. This allows the driver of the tow truck offer assistance to vehicles that are stuck in every kind of circumstance such as location, weather, or weather.

5. Find out how much towing services Cost

In the majority of instances the cost of tow truck services is anywhere between $75 and $125. This usually covers the $50 fee for hookup and the first 5-10 miles that the driver of the tow truck must drive in order to tow your vehicle. After the initial five to 10 miles the tow truck driver typically charges between $2 and 4 dollars per mile. If your car needs to be tow-towed for 100 miles, the cost could be upwards of $450.

The cost of towing is due to the following reasons:

Distance of range
The type of vehicle
Timing of day

Before calling for towing services, contact the insurance company for your car first. If your insurance policy includes tow truck services and you are not required to pay for anything. Clubs for roadside assistance also assist in covering the costs of towing.