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Tips to buy used car tyres

As crucial to cars and a car, buying a new set of tyres may be heavy on your pocket. But tyres shouldn’t last forever, particularly in the British climate. If you’re looking to save money on tyres, it’s not difficult to locate an old set of tyres that are in good condition. But, even though purchasing part worn tyres can be economical, there are other advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration before deciding if you should consider this option, or not.

This guide will provide all the details you require to consider your options and make a more informed decision about the tyres of your car.

There are numerous benefits of purchasing used parts for your vehicle in the UK Car tires aren’t any different. Let’s look at the benefits of purchasing second-hand tires.

It saves money

The primary benefit of buying used car tires is the value you receive for your budget. If you compare them to new car tyres costs of used tyres can be quite cheap. The price is based on the manufacturer and prior use, but the average used tyre will be between 30 and 50 percent less than one that is brand new. A tyre that is used for just one month of use can be much cheaper. This is how you can gain more value from your budget.

Reduces the amount of waste

Another advantage of car tyres that are used is that they will not be making up the waste of the environment. Reusing old tyres instead of discarding them the amount of waste can be reduced. If you’re keen on sustainability, then choosing used car tyres is an excellent option. If everyone purchased new tyres every time the amount of old tyre waste be huge. However the reduction of waste offers many advantages, such as cutting down on carbon footprint, decreasing the amount of land that is disposed and creating a more secure society.

Purchase one tyre

It’s also a good advantage of purchasing used tyres. A full set of tyres even if you just require a replacement for one tire isn’t logical and isn’t practical. This is the reason why purchasing an old tyre is an effective way of avoiding purchasing a whole set. If the other tires on your vehicle are in good condition and you only require a replacement purchasing a used tire that is in good shape is the best option.

Tips to purchase used car Tyres

These tips can help when buying used tyres.

Determine tread depth for tyres with the coin or other method
Verify the condition of the tyre. buying tyres more than 2 or 3 year old are not recommended.
Try to calculate how many kilometres tire has travelled.
Examine for defects or patches on the tyre.
Check for bubbles, holes or any other indication of damage that could cause the tyre to explode.
Examine if the inner edge is worn-out If that’s the scenario, the tyre is likely to have a limited lifespan.
You should ensure that you purchase an old tyre that’s similar in size to the rest of the tyres.
Compare the cost with the retail cost of the new tyre and see how much money.

The cons of purchasing used car tires

Although used car tyres come with a myriad of advantages, they have some obvious disadvantages

Naturally, not purchasing an auto part that is brand new and instead opting to buy an old one has certain disadvantages. Here are a few disadvantages of purchasing used auto tires.


There’s a certain amount of risk involved in purchasing used tires. The older tires will not perform like new ones. There’s also a safety concern with old tires. But, you can test the tread depth of the tyre using an old coin before purchasing an old tyre. In the event that the tread depth on the second hand tire is in good condition it will not compromise security when you use it.


Another issue with used tyres is that they’re not easily available with all dimensions. If you have an older vehicle there is a chance that you will get used tyres for your car are very slim. However there is a chance that the stock may be in short supply for models that are well-known. Thus, there’s an issue of immediate availability in the case of used tyres.

After you have learned all about the pros and pros of buying used tyres, and the best ways to purchase them, you can analyze the tyres that are used versus new ones and choose the one that is suitable for your needs best. No matter which option you pick be aware that regular tyre maintenance is essential.