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Unleashing the Groovy Vibes: Exploring the Legacy of Disco Biscuit Strain

The Disco Biscuit Strain is getting a lot of attention, and it has its own cult following. It is said to have been created in the early 2010s by mixing Girl Scout Cookies and UGORG1. It comes from Downtown Originals.

A very interesting fact about the award-winning strain is that its name comes from a party drug mix with the same name. Disco Biscuit is a mixed strain that is mostly indica and has a unique taste and effect.

It’s a winner of

2nd Most Indica and 2nd Most THC Flower: Spannabis 2017 Spain: Madrid
Elite Cup Amsterdam wins first place for water hash and first place for people’s choice hybrid.
Beasts Cup 2018 is the second Ice Water Hash.
3rd place at the 2018 Masters of Rosin

How does Disco Biscuit look?

Disc Biscuit is very similar to other well-known UK types, making it hard to tell it apart. We’ve seen some with light green leaves and others with darker green leaves that have bright blue spots in them.

The structure of this type isn’t as tight as that of a typical indica. Instead, it’s quite loose and leafy. It does look like a cone, but the leaves and trichomes can be long and fluffy.

As you might expect, the type has a good covering of THC trichomes that make it really strong and a little sticky.

Smell and Taste

The Disco Biscuit strain is not going to be easy to compare to other strains. Even though it is very different, it has a strong link to its parent lines.

It has a nice sweet creaminess to it, and a sharp (but not too harsh) chem-funk cuts through it. The smell is mostly flowers, and it makes you want more and more. The smell is great, and it tastes great.

Your neighbours might know there’s weed around because of how strong the strain is, but they’re more likely to come over and ask for some than to call the cops.

How Disco Biscuit Got High!

You think you know what to expect from something called Disco Biscuit. Even though the name changes, a Disco Biscuit is usually a party drug that makes you feel more euphoric and gets you ready for a party. It’s not likely that this type of marijuana will make you stick to the roof, so don’t worry about that.

The strain starts to work on your body by giving you a relaxing high that takes away all your worries. Some people who use indica cookies feel happy and focused, which comes through in the high.

In general, it’s a very nice high that combines a relaxing body high with a happy, heady high.