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What do you do on an intensive driving course?

If you don’t want to commit months, or even years learning to drive, a comprehensive driving school could help you to pass your test in only two weeks.

As per the DVSA Learner drivers require an average of 47 driving lessons before they are able to pass their test. examination. This is expensive, which is why we’ve seen a rise of driving lessons which allow you to study faster, in shorter durations.

Our essential guide tells you everything you must know about these intensive driving classes.

What’s an intensive driving class?

Also known as a “crash course” which is a driver’s course that is a great way to get all the instruction required to pass your driving test within a shorter period of time than a normal.

It is necessary to hold a temporary UK driving licence in order to enroll in the course. If you’re driving your own vehicle it will require learners driver insurance. Although you can take both the theory as well as the practical tests in the program, most driving schools require you to have passed your theory test and be able to demonstrate an elementary level of proficiency.

You can take the class within your area or attend a residential course in which you’re away from home. If you’d like something more moderate, semi-intensive courses are also available that allow you to have a break in between passing your test in theory.

What will you learn on an intensive driving lessons?

A majority of courses will provide one-on-one tuition with a qualified driving instructor. You’ll do the same training as you would with an extended series of traditional driving lessons. However, an intensive course can often be customised to focus on the areas you’re not familiar with. After that, you’ll take a faster-paced exam at the conclusion of your education.

In a residential training course, you’ll attend a training centre for a briefing on the laws of the road. You’ll be introduced to your driving instructor who will be working with your throughout the week.

What is the length of an intensive driving lesson?

There are no hard-and-fast rules on this, but intense driving lessons are generally provided in two-week or one-week period. Because of the short time frame, it’s best to be spending at least five hours per day driving.

If you’ve already taken just a few classes and need to refresh your knowledge ahead of an exam, you can opt for a two-day course comprising just 10 hours instruction.

If you’re unsure of how you’ll need training to get, your driving school will be able to give you an assessment to see the best course suited to you.

The duration of residential courses can be up to an entire week and can be offered in various locations across the UK.

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What is the cost of an intensive driving course cost?

In the event of an intensive course, it could be a good option to save money. The expense of daily driving lessons and taking a test is why many people choose to take the intensive program.

A one-day driving course is likely to cost around £200, but this is not suitable for a person who wants to spend a few minutes’ practice before a test. A week-long crash course could cost upwards of £1,000, while a two-week intensive driving course may cost more than 22,000 dollars.

It might sound high it sounds, but if you consider that the cost of an hour-long driving lesson is £24 It could save you money in the long run. If the average person takes 47 hours to train to drive, the majority of them pay more than 11,000 rupees. Then there’s the cost of the theory and practical tests plus that.

Where can I go to take an intensive driving course?

Driving schools throughout the UK offer intensive courses which is why it is likely that you will be able locate one near you. Be sure to do your homework before choosing which company to go with – don’t simply go with the cheapest choice. Examine the pass rate and read reviews.

In a lot of cases, the instructor can take you to your workplace or home and you’ll train on the local roads.

If you’re taking an intensive residential course in order to focus entirely on driving and not have any distractions, you’ll attend a training centre far from home, and then stay in the form of a hotel or B&B for the duration of your stay.

Am I guaranteed to be able to pass a rigorous driving test?

Your instructor will impart to you the necessary skills and knowledge necessary to pass your driving test. The test will be administered by an independent state examiner who will determine your performance on the day. So no driving instructor or school can guarantee you the passing grade.

Beware of websites that advertise a ‘guaranteed pass’. It’s a false claim the real message is that if they keep training at their site, in the end you’ll succeed.

The process of selecting a driving school is just as easy as looking it up on the internet and it’s essential to make sure it’s run by a certified driving teacher (ADI) that is certified according to DVSA standards.

Is a driving school intensive is right for me?

A rigorous training program isn’t appropriate for every person. If you’ve not sat at an steering wheel before, an intensive five-day course could be overwhelming. It’s a lot easier if learned the basics of brake, clutch and steering control.

It is likely that you will be driving for at least five hours per day for five days a row, which could be very tiring. It’s also possible to feel under pressure to pass your exam the first time, to ensure you get the most price for your price.

If you’re adept at handling stressful situations or just want to improve your skills, intensive driving classes can help you.

Are intensive driving classes worth the cost?

A rigorous course will enable you to train at a very fast rate if you show a natural ability to drive and all the information you’ll learn will be fresh in your mind. Through weekly lessons in driving it’s easy to forget what you learned. An intensive course will reduce time and cost since you may require fewer hours of instruction.

But, it won’t help you prepare for the road as much as regular lessons will. You may not be exposed to various weather conditions or go out in the dark for instance.

If your test fails the rigorous course it could mean you have to wait a while until another test time slot becomes available – by this point, you could have forgotten much of what you learnt initially.

What is Pass Plus an intensive driving course?

The answer is not so simple. Once you’ve passed your test, there are a variety of courses available to further your driving capabilities, including areas not covered by your test. This can be a great option if it seems like you need more training to boost your confidence in the roadways. The safer you are the cheaper you can get black box insurance for novice drivers.

“Pass Plus is the most awaited extra course that offers six hours of education that is designed to assist newly qualified drivers develop their skills and increase their safety. The course is split into six modules – town driving, all-weather driving driving on rural roads, night driving, driving on dual carriageways and motorway driving.