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Why fully wrapping a vehicle in PPF is a beneficial investment

It’s true that cars are costly and don’t get less expensive! We buy vehicles with the hopes of using their vehicles for quite a lengthy period of time. Every member of my family owns cars for more than 5 years. Car buyers who are new have no problems purchasing Extended warranties, GAP Insurance and service plans, but why is a product which is priced at a fraction like PPF considered a stigmatizing thing since it is one of the best ways to keep your car’s appearance. Everyone is enthralled by the way the new car looks and usually strives to maintain its appearance for a few months at the very least. Let me ask why you wouldn’t cover your car completely with PPF? PPF is the only product that completely eliminates the risk from normal wear and tear. It also eliminates swirls inside the paint, and UV damage.

What is Normal “Wear and Tear” for PPF?

I’d like to go into detail some on what is commonly referred to as “wear and wear”. A lot of times, others PPF installation companies market PPF to be an inert force field to your paint. XPEL Paint Protection Film is impervious to impact from an .75″ size object with a speed of 140 miles an hour! It is only 8 millimeters thick and virtually transparent, it is impressive! The technology that has been put into the XPEL Ultimate Plus is a result of more than 15 years of manufacturing film! Self-healing is another way to prevent burning and swirls, but when the strength of the film is damaged, the film will have replacing. Many companies advertise self-healing on the basis that if there are gouges the film can heal. However, this is not the case with any company that makes PPF!

Does PPF protect your Car against Key Damage?

I’ve also witnessed PPF stand up to damage caused by keys from an angry patron who tried to unlock a car for a customer at least once. In one particular instance, after taking the keys off, I was able see that the person who did the committing was employing force and PPF totally protected the paint from key damage! If the car was not fully covered by PPF the owner could have been looking at the thousands of paintwork!

Does PPF protect your car from swirls caused by automated Car Washes?

XPEL is also very anti-swirl due to its self-healing layer. It means that automated car washes and other improper wash methods won’t swirl the exterior of your car after being fully covered in PPF! swirls on dark-colored cars are no longer a problem when you wrap your vehicle in a full body PPF.

Can PPF protect your Car against Door Dings as well as Dents?

Another thing that is very common are door dents and dings. If the vehicle is covered in a PPF wrap, a typical door ding is easily fixed with a paintless dent repair technician, with no paint damage. I’ve personally ding-torn my cars and was grateful that I wrapped them completely as I saw my PDR technician take the dent with the PPF still intact. It was as if the accident did not happen.

In the end, as you can see, there are numerous advantages to wrap your car in PPF. Paint protection film protects your car from dangerous UV rays, which cause fade to paint. It also stops most scratches and chips from occurring Door dings and dents will not scratch paint, or cause swirls to dark vehicles are no longer a problem because of self-healing! Get your car protected now with PPF wraps and keep your brand new car looking fresh for many long time to follow! !