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5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Window Frame Repair

Fixing windows with the correct type of glass can bring many advantages including security and decreasing energy bills. There are plenty of advantages regarding window frame repairs which you might not be aware of. Here are some benefits that could change your mind and prompt you to think differently about the windows frame repairs.

1. Reduce the costs associated with future window frame repairs

It’s commonplace to see houses built with wooden window frames, especially in older homes where wood was the most popular construction material. However placed in the sun, timber will deteriorate and begin to become rotten if it’s not properly maintained. Those expenses can mount up.

Although wood might be less expensive in the short-term switching from wood to vinyl or metal can reduce the expense for repairs as well as maintenance later on due to termite and weather damage.

2. Lower your energy bills

You can stop the comfortable air in your home from venturing out (and the cold or hot air from outside making it’s way into) through the installation of double-glazed windows.

The replacement of your window frames with energy-efficient ones will will decrease the amount of draft that might be present in the frames you have in place, which were older poor-maintained or badly put in frames.

Get in touch with our team when looking for wooden window repair Dorset.

3. Enhance security

There have been numerous advancements in home security throughout the years, and this also includes windows. If you have an older property it could be beneficial to put a modern deadlock system for a window frame to decrease the risk of having an attack.

Depending on the window’s frame, you may be able simply to change your lock with a deadlock However, it’s beneficial to speak with us about whether your house is safer with a new window frame.

4. Get rid of lead the area around your home

Lead-based paint was widespread in the past 60 years. Although it is now prohibited, it could have been present around your home , including windows frames, especially in the case of homes built prior to 1960.

The main issue is when you scratch the paint and risk exposing your self in the future in the event of repairs as well as DIY work.

Window frames can be removed which have been coated with lead-based paint without harm.

5. Closed and sealed?

It’s commonplace to find window frames that appear to be in good operating condition but sealed (we have them frequently). Many clients are amazed to find out that they don’t require a replacement window frame.

We employ a variety of techniques to unblock the window that was sealed without harming the frame.

It’s normal to not pay attention to the window frames around your home, but it’s worthwhile to take a stroll through your home – you might find that some window frames require repair.