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About the Flood Risk Assessment Process

When you publish a preparation program and are told you have to add in a flood danger assessment, or maybe FRA, it is able to seem as another expense to spend on one more set of reports. This is not an uncommon scenario to be in. Each day we get phone calls from architects and developers that are at the conclusion of their improvement planning stage and also have been told by their area planning office that they require an FRA for their preparation. The program cannot be validated without it.

This is one thing we’ve to contend with on a routine basis, so we believed we will create a brief post that will help you realize just how flood risk assessments work and also the reasons you have to entail flood risk consultants at the start of the preparation task in case you would like your improvement being approved on time.

What is the FRA?

A flood risk assessment (FRA) is a document which evaluations an improvement in its proposition type against the chance of flooding, whether from surface water (pluvial), river (fluvial) or maybe sewer sources. Additionally, it has to think about the effect on the improvement on the planet and whether it is going to cause a flood in the immediate vicinity.

This is attained by utilizing either 3rd party data sources such as the Environmental Agency modelling or maybe independent data sets produced by our staff of professionals. Companies are more likely to mix both to get a great overview of a website.

At what time do you want a FRA, and when will you not?

Under the National Planning Policy Framework (The Environment and nppf) Agency (EA), an FRA is necessary for growth and Flood risk in which a development can be found in flood Zone two or maybe three, an important Drainage Area, or perhaps the website is in excess of or perhaps equal to one hectare.

Additionally, you want an FRA in case you intend to create within twenty meters of an EA key river. If the proposal includes permeant and temporary works within 8m of any EA stream plus 16m of a tidal EA river, EA exercise permits is needed.