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Advantages of a glass partition in your office

As we rapidly move into winter, many feel the effect of the darkened nights. Between 5%-10% of the population has a seasonal affective disorder.
Our bodies depend on the right lighting at the right times of the day. In the morning, the sun wakes up us, and in the afternoon, the light keeps our minds alert. Allowing our bodies and brains to adjust to the darkness at night allows us to prepare for sleep.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, sometimes called the “sunshine”, vitamin is critical for bone, tooth and muscle health. Vitamin D is hard to obtain from food alone. It is essential that our homes, workplaces, and places of work allow for as much natural light as possible.

Fluorescent light

Our mental and physical health may be affected by working in dark areas or using fluorescent lightbulbs.

You will get better sleep

An increase in natural light throughout a day means a better sleeping experience. Studies have shown that workers who receive high levels of circadian light experience lower depression and better sleeping quality.

What do glass partitions Manchester have to do with our homes and workplaces?

It reduces natural light flow by using bricks and wood as partitions for our homes and offices. Glass is probably the most versatile building material. It is strong and resistant to elements. Glass can resist fire and wind, but most importantly it can make any space look bright and tranquil.

Glass partition walls can be used to add light to a room, but also retain their thermal and acoustic properties. You can place furniture alongside glass partitions by using internal sliding glass doors.


You might be surprised to know that you can increase the space and light in a room by simply placing a reflection opposite or at right angles to it.

You can increase the amount of light in your house or at work by increasing the brightness

Keep your windows clean with a professional cleaner or your own homemade window cleaner

Replace old wooden doors by interior glass doors.

Hang mirrors at right angles or opposite windows

Take down partition walls and install frameless glass partitions