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Advantages Of Scaffold Towers Over Permanent Scaffolding

In certain situations the traditional ladder isn’t enough regardless of whether it’s made of aluminum wood, fibreglass, or timber. Most of the time, these kinds of jobs fall into the field of plastering, rendering window fitting, and heavy-duty construction, such as roofing and bricklaying. However, the construction of permanent scaffolding – like those commonly found on construction sites is also a lot of work and time-consuming. These are the scenarios in which mobile scaffolding towers can really shine. In this week’s blog we’ll look at four of the reasons!

1. They’re quick and easy to put together

A scaffold tower tends to be constructed by one person, which is why, even for sole traders and commercial tradesmen they’re an option to smaller forms of access the equipment (like ladders for instance!). Even the biggest towers – the ones that are over 30 feet are usually assembled by one person within just a few hours. As opposed to the construction of more permanent scaffolding, there’s not any need for specialized training and they come with comprehensive set of directions to reduce the amount of effort and time required for putting them together without compromising security.

2. They’re very adaptable

There are many jobs which require greater stability – or a larger working area more than a regular ladder can provide, however they’re not suitable for permanent scaffolding equipment. In these types of situations mobile scaffolding towers provide an ideal middle ground. They’re simple and quick to put up and provide an additional sturdy work surface. They are also suitable to be set up on ground that is very uneven, which is always a advantage if you’re unable to visit the site prior to your visit, and you’re not certain of the state the ground is currently in.

3. They’re light and easy to transport.

Scaffold towers are renownedly light and their absence in galvanized steel poles makes they’re able to be carried in small commercial vehicles. Their owner can be more flexible to adapt to the demands of jobs. In situations where traditional ladders are not suitable for the task, while permanent scaffolding might take too long to put up and erected, scaffold towers are the best choice for urgent, same-day repairs.

4. They’re very durable thanks to non-corrosive, non-abrasive materials

A lot of mobile scaffolding towers depend heavily on aluminum components that are non-ferrous, which is not corrosive, making it extremely robust. This makes them an excellent investment for commercial tradesmen with a significant life before they need to be replaced. (Obviously the length of time depends on how often and extensively they’re used!) But, if they’re properly maintained and regularly checked by a trained professional, you can be confident that the typical mobility scaffold tower to offer many years of reliable service until they’re no longer safe to use.