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Different Types of Scaffold Towers

Scaffold towers are a typical item of equipment that is used on construction sites. It allows workers to work from a high point comfortably and in a safe manner. You’ve probably seen them for yourself, but did realize there are various kinds of scaffold towers as well as scaffold alternatives, each of which is designed specifically designed for specific scenarios or purposes? We will outline the most well-known types of scaffolds in this article.

Staircase Tower

This kind of scaffold tower is easy to understand and is suitable for the staircases, both outdoor and indoor. The frame’s simple assembly provides a safe and easy space to reach difficult-to-access areas near stairs. With a focus on simplicity it is a simple scaffold tower to to prevent the task from becoming difficult.

Cantilever Scaffold Tower

Cantilever Towers can be used when there’s obstacles that don’t permit the full tower to be built and hinders your access to the area you want. The tower also has an additional platform that can be erected over the obstruction and offers an easy and secure way to finish the task in the point of need.

Advanced Guardrail Scaffold (AGR) Tower

To provide additional fall protection, make use of for additional fall protection, you can use the AGR tower. The tower permits construction workers to put together the frame starting from the lowest level to the one they’re building, which decreases the chance of falling. On each level, there is a guardrail to ensure the safety of your employees.

One Man Tower

Particularly designed for solo workers the tower can be put together and taken down by one person. This base could be converted into a cart for transport and storage. It is able to be put through doorways as well as into a mini van.

Standard Scaffold Tower

If you’re working on something simple Our standard towers might be the perfect solution. Available in narrow or double length, these towers are easy to construct and attain heights of 8m and 12m, respectively. The most sought-after size is the 3m scaffold tower , however not every job is identical, so check out our sizes below for the best fit for your requirements.

Widest Widths: 0.715m or 1.350m

Lengths Available: 2m 2.5m or 3m

GRP Scaffold Tower

This is a distinct type of scaffold tower because it’s constructed using fibreglass rather than aluminum, which is not conductive. This type of scaffold tower is ideal for work in areas that have dangers from high voltages, for example, electrical and rail industries. This kind of scaffold tower is suitable for environments that require cleanliness for cleanrooms and conservation areas because fibreglass is a safe material and is immune to bacteria.

We supply various types of scaffold towers for every industry with superior customer service as well as competitive cost. If you’d like further information about the equipment we offer you can give us an email or call.