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Here’s What To Consider When Shopping For A Wooden Playhouse

If you’ve landed on the Wooden Playhouse Guide, the odds are you’ve decided to purchase an wooden playhouse, or are contemplating it as a viable alternative for your backyard. If it comes to the materials the options are pretty much between plastic and wood.

Plastic isn’t without its advantages. Playhouses made of plastic are simple and quick to construct and are easily brought out and taken apart when needed. They’re also maintenance-free, but when UV rays of the sun cause the brilliant colors to fade, repainting isn’t a common alternative and they’re gone for the good, leaving behind a worn-out looking toy in the garden’s corner. Playhouses made of plastic tend to be limited in size, so if you’re searching for something bigger and lasts an entire childhood, you’re likely not be satisfied. The vibrant colors of a brand new playhouse might also appear unattractive in the garden, however, that’s an individual choice!

Sizes, styles and prices

The kids wooden playhouse has many advantages over plastic. The first is the variety of designs and sizes that are offered. Playhouses made of wood are available in a variety of styles and sizes, starting from the smallest size of 3’x3′ all the way to massive mansions measuring 20’x20 in a variety of sizes and styles between.

In truth, when you think about wooden playhouses’ sizes, designs and costs, you’re spoilt for choices. The most affordable playhouse on The Wooden Playhouse Guide will set the price at under 100 pounds, while the highest priced is well over 1,000 pounds. There’s a size that will meet any need, a design that is suitable for every taste, and a price that fits any budget – which is just one of the benefits that the playhouse made of wood.

A Add a Touch of Class

A thing that a wooden playhouse gives you that plastic cannot is the elegance and class that only a wooden structure can provide. No matter what style you want your playhouse meant to be a part of your yard and you want to add the genuine stamp of excellence – the authentic feeling of a hidden den as well as a clubhouse the gang hut, kid’s retreat. A wooden structure is a sanctuary that is a child’s world in childhood. A plastic structure is just an object to play with.

A Garden Asset

Another benefit that the wooden playhouse has is the fact that it can be completed in any colour or style you prefer to complement the layout and style of your backyard the way you like it or, perhaps even more important the child you are raising.

The majority of wooden playhouses will undergo dip treatment prior to the time of delivery. This kind of treatment is designed to protect the wood while the playhouse is being stored. After delivery, the playhouse can be painted with any colour scheme or stain to suit your liking. As children get older and their tastes change, there is always the possibility of changing the color scheme or the finish to match. If you’re interested in knowing more, read our post of Decorating your Wooden Playhouse.

This is the Durable Wooden Playhouse

A well-maintained wooden playhouse is durable strong, sturdy, and durable. It is capable of enduring beatings, scratches and the general hurly-burly of play for children. When it comes to wood, any damage that occurs is typically repairable and likely to not result in sharp edges or fragments. EU guidelines stipulate that playhouses made of wood must be composed of smooth, splinter-free wood. Therefore, there should be no concerns on this front.

If you take care of it If it is properly maintained, the wooden playhouse that is built to last for the duration of your child’s life or, when you’ve picked one of the less expensive choices, it will last until your child is old enough to outgrow it.

So in Conclusion

A playhouse made of wood is a tribute to the traditional play of children fulfilling a child’s desire for the “parent free” space, a space that is their own. When properly cared for and picked out it will become an asset for the garden and will be a conversation point for children. No matter what your budget, style or need, it can be met with the wooden playhouse you choose from the many options that is available for home delivery to the UK now – there truly is no better option.