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How do I sort out student accommodation in Leicester before university starts?

If you’re leaving your home for university, among the most inexpensive and sought-after choices is to rent a specially designed student accommodation, which is managed either by the school or by a private company.

In this piece, we take a examine the advantages and disadvantages of each one and how you can apply to this type of accommodation, commonly known as student halls.

What is a hall for students?

The type of accommodation for students is run by the university or a private company. It is typically comprised of a private bedroom and shared areas such as bathroom, kitchen or living space. It is also possible to have rooms with an attached bathroom.

As a student in the first year of international study the majority of universities will provide the accommodation you need. But, make sure you submit your application by the deadline provided to you by the institution and remember that they are unable to guarantee you will receive an apartment in the student halls.

Accommodation in the University hall in contrast to private hall accommodations

There are several significant distinctions between university halls and private Leicester student studio in order to assist you in making the right choice, we’ve researched both the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pros of a university hall

A university hall is not the best option.

A university residence will cost less than many other options as all of your costs will be included , allowing you accurately estimate your costs.

The halls of the university can be quite loud, which can make it difficult to concentrate.

For a first-year student, you can easily secure an apartment in the halls of your university that reduce the stress and time spent finding a suitable place to stay.

Because the halls must accommodate the most students possible the bedrooms are typically tiny. The university might not have enough rooms to accommodate every student.

Many students form lasting friendships with the people they live in the halls.

You cannot decide who you’d like to share your life with.

The halls of residence at universities may have an assigned ‘flat rep’ (usually students in their third year) with the responsibility to assist you with any concerns or queries you might have regarding the university experience.

You’ll need to share a kitchen, and usually bathrooms too.

The facilities are modern and there is a possibility of having the gym or laundry services available on the premises

Private halls may be more costly than a hall at a university.

Since the hall isn’t managed by your particular university it is possible that you will be living with students from other universities other than your own.

The place you live could be from the campus, which means you may need to plan for transportation.

There is a chance that you will have more options in terms of the kind of space you have, and you may even have the option for a studio that includes a kitchen as well as a bathroom and living space.

If you don’t reside near campus, it may be harder to take part in campus events and to establish relationships on campus.

What can I do to find my student housing before the start of university?

Begin by determining your budget before contacting the student accommodation department who will be able to inform you what the school can provide and, most importantly, the date for when you have to have your deposit paid. Every university has its specific deadlines, but it is recommended to figure out your accommodations between May and September. But, the sooner you apply, the more possibilities you have in terms of location and what kind of accommodation available.

If you are looking to live in private student residences, inquire with your school for the companies they collaborate with. Look over their websites and select one that is suitable for your needs. You’ll be able to inquire about bookings and make inquiries via their website.

If I do not meet the deadline for applying for halls for students?

The best way to determine what to do in case you do not meet the student accommodation deadline at your institution is to contact the university you attend. You will be informed of the department to reach out to for inquiries regarding the process of arranging accommodation. There is a chance that you’ll be placed on a wait list, therefore it is recommended to have a backup plan, like renting a space in a flat or a house near by, or researching what companies offer student accommodation close to your school.

Does the university offer the accommodation needed by a family?

In the event that you’re an overseas college student who has an Student Visa, you may be able to take your loved ones members along with you.

In the event that you’d prefer to reside together with family members in a student residence you should check the university’s website to find out more details, because some universities offer housing that is suitable for families. These kinds of accommodations will be limited , so you should apply in the early stages.

Are there student housing options that include meals?

Some student residences can avail of a room that is catered that is, there’s an eating hall or a communal space that serves meals on a set schedule like breakfast or evening meals (which is the final food of the week).