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How Important Are Packing Supplies To The Overall Success of A House Move?

Are you getting ready for your move? It’s likely that you already know the difficulty of moving into a new home. Although it is exciting, it can be exhausting! However, regardless of how excited you feel about moving day, there are still many things that need to be done to ensure it is a success.

The first thing you need to do before your planned house move is complete is pack and prepare all your belongings. You should start packing as soon as possible. Trust us. Procrastinating can make things even more stressful. Packing is not just about organizing your items. You also need to prepare the packing material you will use.

How important are packing supplies for a successful house move?

To ensure your safety, it is a good idea having all your belongings packed when you move. You should pack everything securely because it could be bumpy when moving your belongings. Your possessions will be safe and sound when you pack them properly.

You need to ensure that the packaging material you purchase is of the highest quality. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of materials that are available at a packing material or box shop.

These six packing materials will help you get started on your move.

What packing materials are you going to need on moving day?

Packing boxes

It is essential to use cardboard boxes for moving. They are available in many sizes and shapes, so they can hold almost any type item that you might want to pack. Even old cardboard boxes can be used in your move. But you need to ensure that they are still in good shape.

There are several types of moving containers. For moving houses, corrugated cardboard boxes is the best choice. Corrugated cardboard boxes can hold heavier books, fragile electronic items, and have thicker walls.

Packing paper

The first protection layer for fragile items is packing paper. Make sure you get ink-free packaging paper when you are buying it to prevent stains. Packing antiques and other collectibles requires that the packing paper be acid-free.

Use your packing paper to wrap your fragile items. You can also use it as space filler by crumpling the paper and placing it inside a cardboard container. This will create a cushion which will block vibrations and absorb impact.

Packing tape

To seal your cardboard boxes, you’ll need packing tape. This seal makes sure everything in the box stays put no matter what happens.

Packing tape is a must-have packing material. You can buy several extra rolls to keep you covered. You should ensure that you purchase durable, heavy-duty packing tape when buying this item. Your items’ safety may depend on the quality of your tape.

Permanent Marker and Labels

You don’t just need to put things in boxes when packing household items. Also, you will want to ensure that your household items are organized so you don’t have to hunt for them later.

This is why permanent markers are so important packing materials. It will make unpacking faster and much easier by knowing exactly what each box contains and where it should go.

Also, use colour-coded tags to identify which room the box belongs to.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is the best packing material for moving, as it will protect your most precious possessions during transit.

Your journey to your new house is not always smooth. This can put your items at risk from the bumps and turns along the way. Bubble wrap is a great way to relieve stress and protect your delicate possessions. Then seal it with packing tape to ensure that they don’t come apart during transport.

It is best to buy bubble wrap in bulk, as you will use lots of it during your move.

Moving blankets

While moving blankets may be an optional packing material, they are necessary if you plan on moving fragile items to your new home. These will provide extra padding and cushioning to your items during the move.

Your removal company can provide moving blankets to rent. If you have a thick blanket that you are able to use for household items, you can rent it from your hired removal company. A moving blanket can also be used to protect your furniture.

Where to get packing materials for moving

Many places offer packing materials for move-in. If you get lucky, you can even get packing materials for free!

Here are some places you can find amazing deals:

Online box shops
Retail Stores
Local Removal Company
You can find small businesses in your region
Friends and Neighbors

The best way for a stress-free move is to invest in quality packing materials. Do not just pack everything in the van. Instead, put all your items in boxes so that they don’t get damaged or lost in transit.

Now that you have all the supplies you need to pack your belongings, you can start packing them. You can also hire a company to pack your belongings if you’re not keen on packing them yourself.