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How to Add Elegance to Your Home with Laura Ashley Inspired Mr Jones Tiles

Laura Ashley-inspired Mr Jones tiles are a timeless classic that can elevate any area. From their exquisite design to their diverse colour pallet, these tiles stand out.

The Laura Ashley Story Inspired Mr. Jones Tiles

In 1984, Laura Ashley designed Mr. Jones tiles for its Heritage Collection. Based on Georgian mosaic tiles, the tiles have a delicate check pattern with little flower designs.

Laura Ashley’s tiles were a hit. The tiles were discontinued in the early 2000s, making them harder to find.

Recently, Laura Ashley-inspired Mr. Jones tiles have gained popularity. This may be linked to the rise of vintage and retro decor. Many companies now make tiles in various colours and finishes.

Laura Ashley-Inspired Mr Jones Tiles Benefits

A home with Laura Ashley-inspired Mr Jones tiles has numerous perks. Tiles are:

Highly durable: Mr Jones tiles are composed of high-quality porcelain. They resist chipping, scratching, and discoloration.

Versatile: Mr Jones tiles work in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, and living spaces. They can be utilised to create a showpiece wall or floor or give beauty to a smaller room.

Mr Jones tiles are easy to clean and maintain. You can sweep, mop or hoover them regularly.

Selecting Laura Ashley Mr Jones Tiles for Your Home

Consider these factors while buying Laura Ashley-inspired Mr Jones tiles for your home:

Colour: Mr Jones tiles come in white, cream, grey, and blue. Choose a tile colour that matches the room’s other colours.

Matte and glossy finishes are offered for Mr Jones tiles. Glossy tiles reflect light, making tiny spaces appear larger. Matte tiles look less dirty and show smudges less.

Regular Mr Jones tiles are 330x330mm squares. Some firms make 600x600mm and 1200x1200mm tiles. Choose a tile size that fits your space.

Utilising Laura Ashley-Inspired Mr. Jones Tiles

Laura Ashley-inspired Mr Jones tiles work in many areas. Here are some ideas:

Bathroom: Mr Jones tiles provide a magnificent bathroom feature wall. They can make patterned floors and backsplashes.

Kitchen: Mr Jones tiles make a beautiful kitchen island. They can also make patterned backsplashes and splashbacks.

Mr Jones tiles make a friendly hallway. Make a patterned floor or wall using them.

Mr Jones tiles can give beauty to your living room. Make a showpiece wall or fireplace surround with them.

Laura Ashley-Inspired Mr Jones Tile Installation Tips

Laura Ashley-inspired Mr Jones tiles must be installed according to instructions. Some tips:

Prepare surface: The tile installation surface must be clean, dry, and level.

Choose a high-quality porcelain tile adhesive.

Follow grouting instructions: Following the grout manufacturer’s directions is crucial.

After the grout dries, treat the tiles with a good sealant. This will prevent stains and damage.


Laura Ashley-inspired Mr Jones tiles are a timeless classic that can elevate any area. Durable, adaptable, and easy to clean. When buying Mr. Jones tiles for your home, consider their colour, finish, and size. Be sure to follow the installation instructions.