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How to choose the right Leicester student accommodation for you

University is a young person’s first major step into the real world, far from the safety and comfort of their home. It can be a storm of emotions both for the students as well as their parents. Nevertheless, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to make memories and relationships that will no doubt last a lifetime.

The prospect of going to university is a thrilling experience, but it can also be very stressful. It’s a whole new world that is filled with new people, new acquaintances and it’s likely to be your first time away from your parents. Therefore, finding the ideal student accommodation is vital as it plays a pivotal part in the university experience. It’s a factor in the friends you make as well as the opportunities you’ll have and ultimately your lifestyle for the next four or more years.

Six things to think about when selecting what to consider when choosing Uni Halls of Residence

There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration when selecting the appropriate student residence before making a choice. From choosing accommodation that has access to a specific facility or is within the city of the university, if you’re a student in college looking to attend Uni in the coming year here’s what you should be aware of when selecting and evaluating the best student residence for you.

1. Security and safety

Safety is the first priority. Before you research the details of student halls, make sure it’s safe and secure within the premises if were to live there. Not only will this allow you to rest at night, but it will ensure that your experience is as good as it can be, without having to feel overwhelmed and nervous.

Check if the halls are equipped with security systems of the highest quality installed and if there are staff available to ensure you’re safe. When you know this parents will be able to rest easy knowing that you’re properly looked after.

2. On-Site Facilities & Activities

A big component of your overall experience will be the facilities that you are able to access as well as the opportunities available. The best facilities on campus to look out for that will make student life easier, are as follows:

A gym that will keep your fitness level, wellbeing and wellbeing intact.
Spaces for socializing in a communal setting to interact with friends and strengthen relationships.
An on-site cafe where you can connect with friends over coffee or to work.
A separate laundry room Unfortunately, you won’t have parents to do it for you!
Specially designed work areas for you to get clear of noise of work to do.
There is plenty of space outdoors to enjoy time with your friends Get breath of fresh air while clearing your head.
A bathroom with a private bath in your room.

3. Value for money

When you go to university, you do not want to be paying for accommodation, but you’ll need an environment that you are comfortable, which is tidy, pleasant and that has all the amenities required. You have to discover the right equilibrium.

Therefore, student accommodation that’s affordable is essential to be able to live a life of pleasure without having to deal with the additional stress of high outgoings. If your parents are supporting your costs for accommodation, they don’t want to invest in unnecessary costs either when cost-effective student accommodation is offered.

4. WIFI Connection

In this day and age youngsters more than anyone else comprehend the importance of good, secure internet. Not only is this key to your studies and research as well, but also when you wish to connect with family and friends back home or relax and enjoy the latest Netflix documentary. It’s crucial to find a hall which can provide a strong WIFI connection even while multiple students are connected at the same time.

5. Location Place, Location, Locator, Location

Your location for your accommodation is crucial to a great time and the everyday life of a university. Every student is unique, maybe you prefer to be social and revel in the nightlife, or you prefer quieter halls away from the crowds for a quiet retreat. Selecting student housing in the ideal spot based on your needs and preferences is essential.

Before deciding on the selected student halls, look into the area around the halls and what else you can expect to see nearby.

Sociable Aspects: Nightlife, Restaurants and Bars

If you’re a social bunny and you’re likely to need your hotel to be central to the town or city it’s. Are there bars, nightclubs and restaurants nearby? If so, what are they like? Keeping on top of the happenings in your area is essential to maximising your experiences in university, particularly if a lively social life is what you’re wanting.

University Campus

Many first-year students like being close, or close to the university campus. It’s possible that this will change as years go on at university, but if you’d like to be around the buzz of all the happenings and close to university life, you should ensure that there is minimal distance between the accommodation for students in Leicester from the central campus.

Transport links

Transport links that are convenient mean you can get from A to B in a short time, quickly and, ideally, at a lower cost. We suggest always selecting halls for students that offer reliable transport services, so that you can be assured that whenever you need or require transportation to get there it will be possible to get there without a lot of stress or cost. It also helps when you want to visit home for the weekend; you won’t have to put money aside for frequent expensive taxi rides.