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How to Choose the Right Professional Floor Sanding Company

What Is Floor Sanding and Refinishing?

Well, to put it simply, floor sanding refers to a process in which you remove the upper surface of the floor. Refinishing is when we repair or reapply this finish. In this article, we won’t define exactly what is sanding. As you read this, chances are you’re already aware of the process. What’s more interesting is why you should do it? Really, apart from the more appealing appearance, what are the advantages? Let’s be honest here, sanding and refinishing isn’t that cost-effective and people can sometimes begin to wonder, why to do it? Does there really be any benefit in this? It’s much simpler to put the floor in carpet or some other material and then forget about it.

Why This Entire Process Is Highly Recommended?

First, let’s think about the issue for a moment. What is the reason we purchase hardwood flooring? It’s perhaps the most expensive flooring option in the market. It is an all-natural product that looks good in pretty much any setting. It’s comfy, easy to clean , and provides a certain sense of cosiness to a space. Most people prefer hardwood, and this fact, when combined with the high cost makes it a somewhat luxurious and stylish element of your home. That’s fine.

In truth, the principal benefit of hardwood flooring is the option to sand and refinish its surface. You can buy a laminate or vinyl flooring and If they’re of adequate quality, they will last for a decade or two. After that, it’s all to go to the recycling bin.

Hardwood can, however can be sanded, and finished again and over and over. Based on the depth of the floor the process could be repeated up to 10 times. There are floors made of wood that have survived at least 300 years and counting. A contemporary floor can be able to hold up to 100 under the proper conditions. Prefinished floors that have been made at the factory using a specific aluminium oxide finish, carry a warranty with a period of fifty years. Sanding such a floor can be difficult, but is doable. Take it off of its old finish and then apply a top-quality polyurethane substitute. Congratulations, you’ve just given at least 10 years of life to it!

Refinishing is what transforms hardwood flooring into something great. The durability enhancement and aesthetic enhancements are a major benefit.

The Real Benefits Of Floor Sanding

A pound of prevention worth a pound cure.

It is not always easy to see the damage. It is not always the case that the source of damage is apparent. Sanding does not just remove the existing damage, but also stops the development of new issues. There are tonnes of problems that could impact a wooden flooring, but making sure that the floor is safe and operates correctly, could one day be the solution to many problems in the future.

A smooth surface is smooth surface.

One of the things that is often not considered the advantage of floor sanding is how simple it makes cleaning. This is especially true for a material that is already popular due to this specific characteristic. A smooth surface that is free of scratches or dents leaves any room for dust or dirt to accumulate which makes it effortless to keep clean.

Allergies are now a thing of the past.

Do you know what’s an additional benefit of a thorough cleaning? The absence of dust will mean less risk for allergies to be asymptomatic. This won’t be the case when the surface isn’t kept well and sanding is an essential an essential part of the maintenance.

It is important to maintain our wooden flooring in good condition.

The appearance of a person is important. What if we don’t longer care about appearances? What if we simply want to sell our property and move elsewhere? A hardwood flooring in good condition can make selling your home faster, more easily and for greater money. That’s the opinion of estate agents, and who can be more informed than them? Of course, a damaged and scratched surface will produce the opposite effect , so plan for the future.

All those beautiful colours!

The ability to customize is an excellent thing. It lets us shape the world around us. Flooring is not an exception. People love to stain their floors and adhere to fashion trends. Grey, dark, white washed and others. However, those colours are not permanent. You can change them whenever you’d like … so long as the floor is strong enough to be sanded. Without sanding, you can never remove the old stain before applying it to the fresh one.

Would you rather switch your flooring completely?

If the floor you have is dirty and worn out, what should you do? Refinishing the floor isn’t all that expensive but it’s better than replacing your flooring completely, isn’t it? Alternatives that are less expensive and don’t have the possibility of sanding will need replacing about twice as often as hardwood. Why not purchase one time and stick with it for the rest your life?