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Low maintenance gardens

Owning an outdoor space in some parts of the UK can be a luxury, especially if you live in towns and cities such as London, Birmingham & Manchester. These cities can often feel claustrophobic with so many buildings densely packed in such a small area. Quite often these smaller gardens whether it be an apartment or town house can have very small gardens, gardens of which certainly do not justify owning a lawn mower. This is where a low maintenance garden comes into its own. Why would you even consider the ongoing maintenance of mowing the grass when you can fill the area with cheap garden gravel. There is a huge range of decorative gravel available online, most of it is only a click away. Ornamental gravel can look great amongst the backdrop of a city scape, incorporating plants within borders/pots giving the feeling of your own private walled garden.

If you do not have a garden or your garden is already laid to paving, there are a vast number of public gardens across the UK just waiting to be discovered. These gardens are fully managed by trustees of charities or government funded, ensuring the general public have year round access. You will find a range of great planting schemes & pathways laid to gravel for you to explore all day long.

The benefits of these low maintenance spaces is clear, little or no maintenance resulting in being able to enjoy your decorative gravel space without having to lift a finger.

If you are looking at turning your garden into a low maintenance area, you could use some grey limestone for that contemporary look or opt for granite chippings to really bring in that country feel. Don’t forget to properly prepare your project though, it’s too easy to forget about laying a weed block membrane and before you know it, your garden gravel gets destroyed by an influx of weeds from the surrounding underneath.

When shopping around for your chippings, it’s important to leave no decorative stone (pun intended) unturned. The internet is full of gravel suppliers, some will deliver your products loose and others will provide gravel dumpy bags. These jumbo bags of gravel are the best way in our opinion as they take up less space and create less mess. Don’t forget to check the delivery terms either, there may be occasions where the driver cannot drop your gravel exactly where you want it due to access restrictions or ground conditions.

That just about sums up our take on low maintenance gardens, they are great spaces for use all year round and can incorporate just about any type of granite shingle or decorative limestone. Your garden can be enjoyed at home or throughout the UK thanks to open public gardens.