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Refinishing Your Old Hardwood Floors

Like so many homeowners, you might have pulled up outdated carpeting planning to change it with brand new carpets, and then learn you’ve hardwood floors underneath. This may provide you thinking whether you ought to stop your carpet order and may take advantage of the advantages that hardwood floors are offering. Next, you see the color along the holes and the edges which remain after pulling away the carpet staples. The floorboards could be squeaky, warped, and chipped. Can it be really worth trying to salvage these floors?
The Bad News about Refinishing your Old Hardwood Floors

The bad news is the fact that unless you’re a contractor, you most likely will not be equipped to perform the task yourself. It is going to require special programs and precision, together with understanding and expertise of how you can refinish wood floors and replace unsalvageable parts. It’ll additionally consider the typical homeowner a lot longer compared to professional installers & refinishers.

The best part is that the majority of of the moment, a professional hardwood floor sanding specialist is able to make that good old hardwood floor gorgeous, including many years of daily life to it, at a portion of what carpets set you back to buy and use.
Goals are Important

It is essential to be aware that the expectations of yours will be a major element in if you’re satisfied with just how your floor looks after it’s refinished. Brand new hardwood floors are ideal. They’ve an air of luxury about them. But do not discount the warmth and character which refinished old hardwood floors can give the house of yours.
There are a few disorders which could mean the floor is not worth saving:

Structural issues can just be repaired by eliminating the flooring. At this stage, you might as well replace the flooring with all new wood floors.
Boards that have a great deal of movement, not only some minor squeaks. This motion can make sanding and finishing virtually impossible.
Boards which were sanded way too many times. This can expose nails and make the tongue and groove useless. It’ll just worsen with another finish and sand.
Sometimes if the floor is old, it might resist new finishes. This’s a thing to talk to a flooring expert about.

Contact an Expert

A good way to find out whether it’s really worth refinishing the hardwood floors of yours is calling out a hardwood floor expert. We will be pleased to look at the floors of yours and provide you with an estimation so you are able to make an informed choice. Communicate with us now!