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The Importance Of The Dining Room In The Home

We believe that shopping for a new dining set should be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, so If your first concern is “how do I pick a tables for my dining room?” then you’ve come to the right place. From various shapes and materials to financing options that are available to you when buying a dining table, our buying guide covers everything you should know prior to making the decision. So have a read and start your hunt for a dining table the proper way: be secure knowing that you’ll be delighted with the purchase for many the years to be.

The significance of the dining room in the home

It doesn’t matter if it’s where you start the day with your family at breakfast, or where you’d rather gather your buddies together for some cocktails, your dining area is a place to be enjoyed. Your dining room might even be your kitchen, or a designated corner of your living room whatever area you’re working on, it must be utilized in the best way possible. That’s the point where our dining table guide comes in.

With the increasingly fast pace of daily life, and the appeal of the internet and television it’s more vital than ever to create the time to be with your loved ones at the table. Your dining room is the perfect spot to make this happen. It’s the perfect spot to share memories, commemorate events, tell stories about your day, and so much more.

What should you consider when choosing a dining table

Dining tables are an investment worth making, and we understand that making the right choice may be a bit daunting. From personal tastes to practicality there are numerous aspects to think about before you begin your search, that’s why we’ve taken the time to address every aspect in this guide to dining tables.

What size of dining table is the best for me?

It may seem pretty easy to measure your room and choose an appropriate dining table smaller than these measurements, but there’s much more to consider. On the practical side make sure there’s at least a 90cm of space around the table, and a minimum of 50-60cm in width to each set. If you’ve got an eye on the dining chair that’s bulky, like those with arms, this could affect your decision too, so don’t forget to look at the dimensions.

A popular option, 6 seater dining tables are usually large enough for families of all sizes Perhaps with room for one or two guests. If you think this might be too big for you currently, a 4 seater dining table which extends to accommodate six people could be the best option. If your dining table seldom hosts more than two guests, don’t upgrade just for the sake of it.

If you’re dealing with space that’s large it’s tempting to choose the largest dining table possible however that’s not always a good idea. Although you’d like to maximize your space, you shouldn’t wish to crowd it up, so it’s crucial to consider what else you can put in the room and the floor space you’ll need. If you’re planning to furnish smaller spaces, like a kitchen-diner, be certain to choose narrow tables with thin legs so that you’re not adding unnecessary inches on. Also, a table that has pedestal bases will be far more efficient than traditional four legs, while tables with benches will maximize the space.

Our ultimate suggestion? If you’re not sure about the dimensions, then the best idea is to purchase an expandable dining table. The future you will thank you.

What is the best material on my dinner table?

The answer to this is composed of equally a mix of practicality as well as individual preference. But let’s start with the main contenders and their advantages…

Wooden dining table

Choice of finishes such as reclaimed wood, solid wood options, natural homely, sturdy.

Stone or marble dining tables

Elegant, timeless, a real focal point, unique appearance.

Concrete dining table

Low-maintenance, minimalist, modern.

Metal dining table

It is durable, strong, simple to maintain and a little different.

Glass dining table

It can be used for almost any design, opens your space.

Whatever your style preferences are, you’ll find that many table tops come in a variety of colors, so you’re bound to find a material and colour combination that you love.

Which dining table designs are available?

From looking at the overall design of your dining room to taking into consideration practical factors like budget and maintenance It’s important to narrow your options in the best way possible given the variety of dining tables available on market.

Aside from the size and material, the principal options to think about when selecting a dining table are:

Fixed or extendable: e.G. Hidden leaf, drop leaf, flip top, folding.
Shape: Rectangular oval, round, square oval, or any other unusual shape e.G. Hexagon.
Colour: light wood black wood black, grey and transparent. Colours include coloured, transparent or metallic.

Fixed or extendable – extendable dining tables aren’t just designed to accommodate additional guests. They can also serve as a handy option when serving a grander food where guests can indulge themselves to several food items, or making use of the table for other jobs like wrapping presents, or folding laundry.

For larger spaces Oval dining tables can provide the same convivial element of a round table, but with a little longer length. It’s a beautiful, elegant design and offering space for even larger parties, they effortlessly become a focal point and assist in making the room more centered. If you’re looking for something more unique, you may enjoy an unusual dining table made in the shape of an octagon, hexagon or hexagon.

What kind of dining table is best for a small area?

A lot of kitchens have tables of a rectangular shape that can be pushed up against the wall for space, yet can be pulled down when additional seats are required. Kitchen tables that have a round shape are also a popular option that offers an extra space when seating extra guests thanks to their lack of corners. Tables with square legs are great for fitting into an area if you have two regular diners.

What colour do I want my dining room table to be?

If it’s about colour you have a wide choices, so the most effective place to start is with your current or future color scheme.

A grey, white or black dining table will fit in with most dining spaces They are smart choices if you’re often redesigning your. Wood is the traditional and natural choice, however there are still many colours of finishes, stains and stains to think about, from walnut to oak. For those who want to be bolder You can also find coloured dining tables, including red and blue, while metallic finishes such as brass have been gaining popularity lately. Too indecisive? A glass-topped dining table requires no consideration for hue.

What are the different kinds of tables for dining?

The design of the dining table is constantly changing, and now you’ve the option of a variety of styles to choose between. From the style of the legs and the finish to those finer details like tabletop edges, each element adds up to create a unique style that could be ideal for your dining space.

For your convenience, our guide to dining table styles covers the main looks on the market:

Traditional – smooth finish, often a more inexpensive alternative, with four legs with an apron.

Rustic farmhouse, country-inspired designs Trestle bases, natural or painted wood big proportions.

Industrial – characterized by rugged reclaimed woods, metal details, concrete, black-colored finishes big legs, lively edges.

Modern designs usually have clean lines, may include high gloss or glass finishes, geometric shapes and legs that are splayed.

The most glamorous statement pieces are usually marble, perhaps with metallic elements, or with unique bases.

Scandi offers simplicity and function. This is evident in the sleek legs , it has a sleek style. Usually crafted from pale wood.

How can I make the most out of my dining table?

To really make the most of your dining space it is essential that the surroundings are comfortable and inviting. If you are planning to spend long hours at your table, perhaps working at home, chairs that are padded should definitely be considered. There should be enough space around the table and not taking up too much space with bric-a-brac can help you spend more some time at the table, and ambient lighting and decor will create a welcoming scene.

Making sure your table is properly maintained is another crucial step to getting the most value from your dining area and you can learn more about how you can do that in the next article. Choose high-quality tableware such as tablecloths, trivets, placemats and more to ensure your dining area is looking at its best and create a table you’ll want to show off.

How can I accessorise my dining table?

The way you choose to decorate your dining room table will be a factor in your purchase. For instance, a classy setting with chrome vases crystal tableware, and tableware works nicely with a sophisticated marble or gloss table. On the other side on the other hand, a minimalist minimalist style could benefit from a sleek concrete table, and reclaimed wood dining tables lend themselves to rustic, industrial designs decorated with metal and greenery.

The size of your dining table is key. If you believe the concept of less being more then your selection of furniture shouldn’t have an influence on the size of your table. But for those who have an obsession with decor the idea of a bigger surface is likely to be the top priority.

How do I maintain my table?

This will depend on the materials used and the finish however, there are general guidelines when it comes to caring for any Modern dining tables. We would advise that the spills be cleaned up immediately and avoid dragging objects on the table’s top and put in place a suitable barrier between the table’s surface table and anything that’s set on it, like plates, laptops, toys and decorative items.

The key to keeping the dining tables in great condition is to fully comprehend the material you’re signing to prior to purchasing. Some are easier to maintain than others, for instance ceramic, whereas others require some more care like a natural marble or rustic dining table.

Other areas that may require extra attention include:

Exposure to sunlight and temperature changes.
How to properly lift and move your dining table.
Whether your table requires regular applying of wax.

On the whole taking care of your dining table is surely worth it, and we’re sure that when you’ve put in the time and effort required to select the best one, you’ll want to treat it well. More information on caring for tables here. To ensure security, you’ve got the option of adding an insurance plan to your purchase , to ensure you’re covered in case any accidental damage is caused.

What’s next?

Once you’ve chosen the dining table you want It’s time to design your ideal dining space. From designing your table, to adding comfortable seating, there are several ways to update or remodel this room in your home.

Mix and mix and match your dining chairs to create an eclectic feel or keep things rustic with wooden benches that can accommodate the entire family. Make sure your floors are protected with huge rugs beneath the table. Decorate the walls with colorful artwork, abstract canvases, or an eye-catching mirror.

When you’re thinking about lighting, pick a fixture that creates an inviting ambience. It’s likely that you’ll be at the table for a lot of the evening, after all. Select a pendant light that is perfectly floating above the table. You can also add two wall lights for a look that is vintage.