Top 5 benefits of sliding sash windows

Throughout the UK you will still find numerous properties fitted with traditional sole glazed sash windows. Several of these properties also retain the initial timber frames of theirs. While visually pleasing, these initial sash windows are neither energy effective or simple to keep.
Contemporary alternatives have all of the answers

Developments in glazing know-how suggest you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Our contemporary sliding sash windows are energy, safe, and attractive efficient. Available in both traditional and uPVC timber, the substantial range of ours will certainly contain the actual windows to suit the home of yours.

  1. Secure and safe
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Versatile
  5. Functional
    Secure and safe

Our sliding sash windows are able to incorporate a selection of safety features. Secure locking methods and Georgian bars are going to ensure you feel secure in the home of yours. Sliding sash windows can additionally be fitted with kid safety restrictors. These window restrictors restrict the opening distance of the window making you as well as the family safe of yours from within and out.
Power efficient

The same as almost all the window choices of ours, our sliding sash range is able to achieve’ A’ Window Energy Rating. The modern design of theirs means you can forget about cold spots or unwanted draughts. You are going to feel warm throughout the Winter and save cash on energy costs. While in the summer months, sliding sash windows could be opened wide to allow in a nice breath of air that is fresh.

Minimal maintenance

Regardless of whether you choose sliding sash windows from our traditional or uPVC timber range, both are incredibly simple to keep. With uPVC, almost all they require will be the occasional wipe down to help keep them looking new and clean for many years. Conventional timber windows are equally simple to maintain. Through with a soft, long-lasting coating; together with the right attention our timber sliding sash windows have a lifespan of between sixty as well as hundred years.

Regardless of whether you reside in a time home or perhaps a fashionable contemporary apartment, our sliding sash windows could be the perfect option for the window update of yours. The substantial selection of ours of timber sash windows are able to make sure the Georgian of yours or maybe Victorian heritage property is tastefully upgraded to retain the conventional design of its and persona. If the home of yours is much more modern, something from the uPVC range of ours may be the answer when contemplating boosting your home.

Sliding sash windows would be the most requested alternative to regular casement windows. Fitted with powerful, higher quality balances, our sliding sash windows offer a soft, dependable operation for decades to come.