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Top Window Blinds for Privacy and Light Control

In 2023 , we’re all searching at ways to get comfort and style at your home without spending a fortune!

That has inspired some new styles in window shading and interior design, with some brand new options, and the shift in focus to blinds and shutters that can offer a bit more than just a chic look.

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the cost of living One of the main worries for individuals is keeping the heat in to keep their energy costs low.

This is where blinds that are new prove to be a fantastic investment. It can also transform your home a new appearance too!

So if you’re one of the people who want to shake up your home design in the coming year or want to increase your home’s energy efficiency, then you’re likely to be asking yourself “what blinds are trending for 2023?”.

This is why we’ve created our Blind Style Guide for 2023 that covers the most anticipated trends in blinds, shades and shutters that are gaining popularity and how to get your hands on them.

We’ll also take an examination of classic blind styles that are being transformed to suit modern tastes giving new life to less popular blind types and boosting their popularity too.

What’s in fashion for window blinds in 2023

There have been a few major shifts in trends for shutters and blinds in the last couple of years. As the priorities of consumers change, different kinds of window blinds with different features and functions are becoming more crucial.

Some of the designs that are rising in popularity at the moment include soundproof blinds, insulating and thermal blinds, as people search for trendy options for their windows that also assist in keeping their energy bills down.

And there are also new styles, like allusion blinds, external blinds, and smart blinds – which are extremely popular with the discerning homeowner looking for stylish, smart homes.

So here’s a selection from the various types of window blinds that we expect to be the best options for homeowners and interior designers in 2023.

Blinds that are energy efficient

With energy prices on the increasing, 2023 will likely to become the decade of energy savings! Since doors and windows can be the most significant source of heat loss from your home, choosing the proper type of blinds can provide a huge benefit.

Some of the most effective green blinds is honeycomb which is also called duette or honeycomb blinds. This is because the air pocket inside them provides an extra level of insulation, just as windows with double glazing.

Blackout blinds can also be great for insulate your windows. They can block bright sunlight. They also usually have an additional layer of blackout fabric, making them thicker and aiding in insulation.

External blinds

Blinds for the outdoors continue to gain popularity, not just for the reason that they give stunning exterior finishes to your home, but because they’re also really eco friendly too.

External blinds are becoming a standard feature for new build houses and as more developments get underway the more blinds for outdoor use will become a common feature.

By blocking light from entering the interior of your home by blocking it from the beginning Blinds for outdoor use are better at keeping sunlight out in the summer. But they’re also fantastic in providing insulation in the winter months since they’re made with a tough, windproof fabric.

Apart from being environmentally green and stylish External blinds are an perfect addition to a smart home. They can be operated by remote or switch and can also be controlled by sensors which will modify the shade in accordance with the ambient temperature!

Allusion blinds

Allusion blinds are most likely the most popular type of window shading this year, since they’re extremely flexible, offering privacy lighting control, delicate, soft elegance.

Allusion blinds are most commonly employed on patio doors as well as windows, as they’re a lot easier to manage than more conventional vertical blinds. Because their vertical panels aren’t connected with chains, and it’s possible to walk straight through the blinds.

This is great if are in search of bi-fold door blinds, or sliding patio door blinds since you do not have to pull back the blinds each time you need to let the doors out.

Allusion blinds are also a popular option if you want to increase the amount of window shading. Their light, opaque fabrics provide privacy and soften light that comes through your windows without taking it away.

They’re typically placed in between curtains or outdoor recess blinds, which provide a secondary level of insulation. It also provides they provide a more gentle, soft alternative to roller or roman blinds.
Blinds that are soundproof or acoustic

Acoustic or soundproof blinds have been on the rise in the blind style over the last few years and this appears to be the case for the next few years.

You may not realise, but some window blinds actually assist in reducing noise. This is great if you live in a neighborhood that is crowded with traffic or like peace and tranquility in your house.

The most effective blinds to soundproof are duette or honeycomb blinds. The reason for this is that the pocket of air within the blind is an insulation layer to reduce sound.

Unsurprisingly, acoustic blinds are extremely popular with those who live on urban streets of towns and cities. A duette blind that helps reduce noise is an ideal design for your nursery!
Outdoor shading

Another big trend to watch in blinds and shutters, is the outdoor shade, which transforms your garden into an outdoor space that is usable all year round.

Awnings are the most popular method to make your garden shaded in summer, to shield from wind and rain during the winter.

But the real trend is to create outdoor living pods. These amazing spaces use an aluminium louvred roof and heavy duty roller blinds to create a weather-proof garden which are shielded from sun, rain, and the wind.

The best models have retractable roofs, so you can be fully outdoors!

Shade options for the outdoors and commercial shutters and blinds are also a big hit for social and hospitality areas such as pubs and restaurant gardens to nurseries and garden spaces.

Faux wood shutters

Faux wood shutters have been one of the biggest trending styles in recent years. In 2023 that’s not looking likely to change, especially as homeowners seek out the perfect mix of classic style as well as a low cost and long-lasting durability.

With a gorgeous wood-style finish, faux wood shutters tend to be less costly than real wood and are easier to maintain in perfect condition too.

The faux wood shutters ensure that you can achieve the classic appearance to your house, complete with light and privacy control with the cost associated with genuine wood.

Faux wood venetian blinds

Venetian blinds have also become a favorite because of their longevity, in addition to being easy to clean. The reason why venetian blinds are an extremely popular choice is due to their privacy.

Through their rotating slats you can control how much light is let in, which makes venetian an ideal alternative for those who want to protect your privacy without having to turn off the light completely.

2022 saw a huge growth in popularity for the very particular kind of venetian blinds called faux wood venetians, and in 2023 this trend is truly exploding!

Blinds with wood effect can be a really cost effective alternative to traditional or faux wood shutters, and can provide a very similar style for a fraction of the cost.

For the less-budget conscious who still want that elegant shutter-style finish faux venetian blinds made of wood could be the best option.

Privacy blinds

This type of shade is getting more popular every year as people attempt to find a way to allow light into their homewhile maintaining their privacy. This is an especially popular option for living rooms shades and blinds.

There are lots of different blinds that provide a range of lighting control, including vertical blinds, venetian blinds and day and night blinds – and now allusion blinds are also able to be added to the list.

Night and day blinds also referred to twist blinds, or vision blinds are probably the most popular option for 2023. While at first glance they look like normal roller blinds, day and night blinds are made of opaque and solid fabric, which means that you can regulate the amount of light that is let through all your windows, at any time.

This means that you can opt to create a solid-screen that blocks all light and also using those opaque strips to let sunlight to pass through.

This flexibility means that you don’t have to choose between privacy and light, you can have both.

Remote control smart blinds

One of the latest designs of window blinds are smart blinds, and we expect these to become even more popular in the years ahead.

Blinds with remotes have been increasing in popularity for several years currently, but intelligent shading is taking motorised blinds the next level.

Motorized blinds operate with a remote control, meaning you can adjust or raise blinds from almost anywhere. This is really helpful if you’ve got conservatory or velux blinds – or just windows that are hard to reach!

They are also great for those who are elderly or who have disabilities, since you don’t need to get to the window in order to adjust the shade of your space.

Smart blinds operate in a similar way However, unlike regular remote blinds, they’re linked to the internet, and you are able to operate them through an app for your phone. This means that you can open and close your shades even when you’re halfway across the globe!

As smart homes become more integrated, we’re expecting that motorised blinds with motors will continue to grow in popularity through 2023.