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Using A Van Service When Moving Home

If it’s time to move your home you might require assistance in one way or another from professional removalists or even a man with van. But what’s the difference between them? Which one should you decide on? This blog post is intended to assist you in answering these and other questions that you might have concerning the house moving process.

“Professional removal services” or “a man with a van” choices have a lot in common However, they do have a variety of differences. Each is suitable for different kinds of house moving, based on the dimensions the house, its logistics and the requirements of the move itself. Don’t be tempted to pick the wrong one Take some time to look at the details of your personal moving needs before making your final decision.

Have you sold your home?

In the UK in the present in the UK, when you sell your property at the time of closing of the sale your solicitor must inform you that the old home should be completely empty of all your belongings by at least lunchtime the next day of the sale. In the absence of this, it can cause chaos for house chains as well as other sellers and removers within the chain. Ask yourself what you think an individual with a van could realistically do or should you consider engaging an experienced van removals service with the right manpower as well as the equipment, size of the van and expertise to do the task? If you don’t adhere to your obligations with respect to closing of the sale, you will be likely to be liable for being assessed by the purchasers for any additional costs you incur as a result of their removalists in the event of your failure to get your home cleaned within the time frame agreed upon.

Are you renting a house?

Are you moving out of the rental property? Are you able to be more flexible in terms of the dates and times to make sure your previous home is cleared out completely? In this case, the man with a van is a great alternative. It’s typically cheaper to hire a person with a van than the removals service, which is among the primary reasons why a man with the option of a van can be appealing to a lot of. If you are able to return to your home during the day, or if the amount of items to be moved can be able to be carried on one van and a man with van service, or even two people with a van is a good option to help you relocation.

What is the difference?

The primary difference between a professional removals company and a person with a van comes to the quality of service you’ll receive. Professional removals teams will be equipped with removals equipment and blankets to transport and secure your belongings when they move them. While a person with a van could be equipped with blankets and other equipment, but don’t be shocked when you find that all you receive is really a guy driving a car. The professionals should be able to dismantle and rebuild any furniture that requires taking it apart, whereas the van driver might or may not provide this service as part of their services. Insurance coverage provided by a removals business can differ from the one provided by the van driver service and is definitely worth comparing prior to moving house.


The most effective way to decide between these two options is to choose carefully, take a look at both alternatives and the services you need to complete your home move. conduct your research by talking with the firms and asking them how they can help you with the process of moving. A property survey isn’t impossible also, ask whether they’ll inspect your home and belongings prior to the day of your move, take a inventory of your furniture, and then discuss the process in greater detail with you to ensure there is no cross wires to be crossed on the day of the moving.