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What does a Building Surveyor do?

When you’re looking to buy or sell beginning, renewing, or terminating a lease renovating, building, expanding or repairing commercial properties, hiring a building surveyor London to protect your interests will have numerous benefits.

Building Surveyors provide you with professional, knowledgeable, and independent guidance. This will save you time, money, and anxiety with regard to commercial properties. They are able to bring value to projects by bringing together their unique mix of design and construction expertise and expertise in property.

1. They are aware of the dangers of building defects, Building Regulations, the specifics in construction contract, dangers of dilapidations Health and Safety Regulations and how to manage teams of experts.

The types of services Building Surveyors can provide include:

2. Project Management: Overseeing the design and supervision of the construction process for major refurbishment and new construction projects from conception to the point of completion.

3. The Development Monitoring Program monitors the progress of major construction projects for freehold investors, funders or tenants, ensuring that the works are constructed and designed according to the development plan and budget.

4. Refurbishment: Controlling the construction process from beginning through completion. This includes all post-contract and pre-contract activities including financial control and obtaining any required legal approvals.

5. Schedules of Conditions: Creation of schedules of condition in order to accurately document conditions of leasehold property on the date of lease start.

6. Dilapidations: Prepared final and interim dilapidations schedules for landlords. Assisting tenants in cases where the final or interim schedules were served.

7. Repairs and Maintenance: Creation of maintenance plans for each property or portfolios and handling all post and pre-contract services in connection with repair and maintenance projects that result from the program.

8. Specific Building Surveys: Creation of thorough survey of the building prior to the acquisition of leasehold or freehold rights in industrial and commercial properties.

9. Defect Investigation: Examining building defects, identifying the signs of the problem, their causes, and any necessary repairs and, if necessary making arrangements the repairs that need to be completed.

10. Restitution Cost Assessments for insurance purposes: The inspection of the home, measurement survey (or measure checks) and the preparation of a valuation for reinstatement on which the landlord and their insurance company can count.