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What is a boiler warranty?

You have to get a manufacturer backed warranty included in your installation package whenever you get a brand new boiler. Below we outline the advantages of working with a boiler warranty and also provide you with info about how you are able to assure it’s kept valid.

Boiler warranties are supposed to provide you with a feeling of serenity of mind in the function of a breakdown or maybe fault inside your boiler. The company should organize a repair or maybe replacement for your boiler in case there’s a fault throughout its warranty period.
What’s the boiler warranty cover?

You will find various warranty packages provided by different manufacturers. A great boiler warranty could cover different aspects compared to a Vaillant boiler warrantee. In general, a boiler warranty is going to cover specific areas of your respective boiler – you need to evaluate the warranty documents delivered to you by your company to discover precisely what is contained in your warranty. If your boiler was first fitted, these ought to have been sent.
Conditions and boiler warranty terms are common.

Different boiler brands are going to offer different boiler warranties. Here are a few typical boiler warranty terms & conditions.

The boiler has to be fitted by a gasoline Safe registered engineer to be sure it is healthy.
Inside the very first thirty many days of installation, the guarantee should be authorized with the producer. Some installers offer to register your boiler guarantee for you. It’s always recommended you confirm this has been done.
A boiler fix service have to be conducted on an annual basis by a gasoline Safe registered engineer – This’s to make sure that the boiler is now being maintained properly and functioning efficiently and safely. Failing to do this may invalidate your warranty. The manufacturer’s installation handbook must have a history of the service.
Only approved parts may be used during repairs.

Just how long does the boiler warranty previous?

The model and brand of the boiler you’ve set up will influence the length of your respective boiler warranty. A number of companies provide extended warranty options.

What’s the big difference between a boiler policy along with a boiler warranty?

The primary distinction between a boiler warranty along with a boiler policy is the fact that a guarantee covers entirely your boiler, whilst a policy is created to deal with your whole central heating program. In case you created a problem with your heating system’s pipework that had been impacting your house heating, your boiler guarantee would not cover this. In case you’d policy covering, your provider will have the ability to organize a repair for you.