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What Options Do I have When Searching For Window Blinds?

Our blinds are custom-made to perfect fit your window. Your consultant will inform you about the most suitable option for your specific window, and you’ll also have some individual preferences. In this guide, we’ll take you through the most common blinds and their advantages along with special blinds, fabrics, and liner options to help you select the best option for your home.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are versatile, affordable and fashionable. With a range of designer materials, including blackout as well as water-resistant, they’re perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. When used in uPVC windows, roller blinds are able to be fitted to the perfect Fit frame, which is a no drill solution. Motorized controls are also offered to facilitate operation.

A glance

The choice of fashionable patterns, colours and prints
Moisture-resistant and blackout fabrics
Fits a variety of sizes for windows
No drill option available for uPVC windows
Motorised controls that make it easy to operate

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are made of the same fabric that curtains are made of and are an ideal option for living spaces and bedrooms due to their lavish finish. You can choose Roman blinds instead of curtains if there is a limited space around your windows, or simply prefer a more sleek appearance. All of our Roman blinds are fully lined, and you can opt to upgrade to an opaque lined.

A glance

An elegant and sleek alternative to curtains.
Fabric is sewn onto battens, and then attached to cords, creating folds of fabric
Chain or cord operated that has controls attached to an infant safety cleat
Blackout linings offer enhanced light control
Interlining provides a fuller appearance and provides a luxurious look

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds consist of individual fabric louvres that are held by chains or weights. The louvres are able to be tilted to keep privacy, and let light in, or laid in a flat position to block out the harsh sunlight. They can also join to the opposite side when you want an unobstructed view.

Vertical window blinds Dundee are suitable for windows with slopes or curved bays. They are available in a variety of fabric options, including blackout, fire-resistant, and simple clean PVC. They’re also among the most economical options for large windows, and are they’re a good option for sliding glass and patio doors.

A glance

Individual fabric louvres can be swiveled to block light
A fantastic option for curved and sloped windows.
Flexible and economical choice for extremely wide windows and glass doors
The choice of performance fabrics available for any room
Perfect for privacy and lighting control

Metal Venetians

Metal Venetian blinds are composed of slats made of metal that are connected by cords. The slats can be laid on top of the window to block light or tilt so that light can flow through. When they are pulled up to the top the slats form slim lines that leave your windows unobstructed.

Metal Venetian blinds come in a range of colours and finishes that allow you to design your own appearance. If you own uPVC window or doors with sliding glass they are able to fit inside Perfect Fit frames, which remove the requirement for cords.

A glance

Slats are available in a variety of widths to fit different sizes of windows
Metallic finish can help increase the brightness levels
Select a light control that is flexible and the privacy you desire.
Matt gloss, matte and luxurious metallic finishes to create a modern style
There is no drill answer for uPVC windows

Real wood and faux Wooden blinds

Real and faux Wooden blinds are made from horizontal slats that are operated by cord. Our authentic Wooden blinds are made from sustainably-sourced wood and come in a variety of natural wood stains and neutral shades. False wood blinds appear and feel just like real wood, but are waterproof and therefore are suitable for high moisture zones. The choice of the width of slats allows you more options to manage the amount of light. You may also paint your faux wood or wooden blinds using tape to give them a an elegant look.

A glance

The moisture-resistant faux-wood blinds are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
The choice of natural wood staining and finishes painted
The slat widths can be varied to fit different sizes of windows
Real Wooden blinds that are made from sustainable wood
Perfect for privacy and light control

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds look gorgeous and they are also extremely durable. They are simple to install. Pleated blind is a perfect fit in your windowand is controlled by the tab you pull upwards and downwards. Pleated blinds are available in a range of applications that are specialized, such as no-drill options for uPVC windows, as well as shaped solutions to conservatory roofing.

A glance

A blind made of fabric that has delicate and delicate concertina-like folds
Practical fabrics include thermal and blackout options.
Specialised conservatory options for sides, roofs and windows
There is no drill option available to drill holes uPVC window and patio door
Excellent for controlling temperature and light

Blackout blinds

We are aware of how important getting a good night’s sleep and that’s the reason we’re happy to provide an array of blinds that block out light. Certain fabrics from the Roller, Pleated and Vertical blinds have special blackout characteristics, which are ideal for bedrooms, and also for lessening glare from TVs and the screens of computers in living areas. All of our Roman blinds are made with a blackout lining that creates an additional dark space. Our collection offers a wide range of colors and styles and includes a children’s collection.

A glance

Dims light levels for optimal light control
Ideal to control light levels in bedrooms.
Reduces glare from television and computer screens.
Blackout options are available for Roller, Roman, Vertical and Pleated blinds.
Curtains can be layered to create an even darker environment

Skylight blinds

A variety of blind types can be used for difficult-to-reach skylights or VELUX(r) window, allowing you manage temperature and light and also creating a harmonious style. Blinds made of rollers can be inserted in a specific frame that can be inserted into the window as well as Pleated blinds and Metal Venetian blinds can be hung tension-fitted by putting cords to the windows. Blinds with blackout fabrics are also available to reduce the light that is glaring and unwanted in lofts and bedrooms.

A glance

Pleated blinds, Roller, and Venetian blinds are all designed for skylight windows.
Our blinds can be used on all kinds of skylight windows, including VELUX(r)
Drilling solutions are not available for uPVC windows
Motorised or telescopic poles for simple operation
Blackout fabricsare great for lofts and bedrooms.

Perfect Fit blinds offer a no-drill alternative that works with uPVC windows. Roller or Pleated Venetian blinds are encased in bespoke customized frames that snap perfectly onto the window and create a cord-free, sleek appearance. They’re ideal for rooms with multiple windows like conservatories and bi-fold doors and patio doors. Perfect Fit binds come in a range of colors and patterns and also thermal and blackout choices.

A glance

There is no drill answer is required for uPVC glass and windows
Frame clips Perfect Fit are secure in position without operating cords or chains
Metal, Pleated, and Roller Venetian blinds are offered as Perfect Fit blinds
Perfect Fit frames are available in brown, white, or anthracite to coincide with uPVC windows
No chains or cords to be seen for sleek style

Blinds for night and day.

Day as well as Night Roller blinds offer the most effective of both in terms of lighting control and privacy. In essence, it is an layered Roller blind with opaque and sheer panels are able to be adjusted to match the appearance of either the open and closed look of slats. The overall appearance is more soft than the look of a Venetian blind, and they also come with the option of motorisation. Day as well as Night Roller blinds are especially suitable for modern interiors as well as windows with large windows that need the privacy of the daytime.

A glance

Light control that is flexible Blinds with sheer and opaque options all in one blind
It looks like an Roller blind. It functions as an Venetian blind
Motorised control is an option
Ideal for privacy during the day and flexible control of light
A good solution for windows with wide openings