What to consider with a modular sofa

There are two main differences between a modular sofa and a sectional couch: how they can all be assembled. A modular sofa is a set of two or more sofa-sized “modules” that can be combined to make a U-shaped, or L-shaped couch. It’s ideal for additional legroom.
Comparable to a sectional couch, which is a sofa constructed in one piece. Most sectional sofas wrap around a corner.
What is a modular couch?

Modular sofas, also known as sectional sofas, are composed of several movable sofa pieces which can be combined in many configurations. The best variation for you and your home will depend on the space available.

The modular sofa is divided into corner units, chaise end and end without arms.

It is easy to assemble a couch by combining different pieces of the sofa. To make the most out of your space, you can either choose a small 2-seater sofa or an L-shaped modular corner couch that matches your home.

Modular sofas can also be equipped with an ottoman, which allows for greater flexibility. These sofas are perfect for busy homes as they provide comfort and versatility plus additional storage space.
What are the benefits to a modular sofa design?

As we examine these benefits, it’s clear why modular sofas are so popular.

Modular sofas allow you to easily change the layout of your room by being flexible and adaptable.
This sofa is very versatile and practical, especially when it comes to moving individual parts of the sofa through narrow doors or hallways.
It can be used to maximize space, particularly in smaller living spaces
You can add a modern, comfortable addition to your home.
They are available in many styles and colours.

Modular sofas: What should you consider?

While modular sofas offer many benefits, there are still a few things you should consider.

As there are multiple components, it is important to measure accurately before you order. It is equally important to measure the space in which your sofa will be placed.
The best layout will maximize your space and allow you to use it as often as possible.
Because modular sofas can have large surfaces, it’s important that you choose upholstery that you’ll be able to use over and over again.

How to style a modular couch

Modular sofas are fashionable, practical, and ideal for hosting. The trick is in styling them.

Below are some ideas for sofa styling. We’ve already mentioned that a modular sofa is the ideal companion for entertaining. It makes sense to match it with a fun, functional coffee table.

A faux fur rug or statement piece of art can be placed near the sofa to add texture and extra fun. It will look great with a neutral modular sofa, as it provides the perfect backdrop to bright and playful colors.

A patterned cushion is another way to add color to a modular grey or beige sofa. These can easily be replaced.

Seasonally, or whenever you’re feeling adventurous.

Throws can also be used as soft furnishing.
Modular sofa layout ideas

A functional and relaxing space can only be created by choosing the right furniture layout. Here are some inspirations to get you started:

To make your modular sofa ideal for family nights, add the optional chaise ends
To maximize viewing and comfort, position the modular sofa parallel to your television’s back wall.
To give the sofa a contemporary look, wrap it around a coffee table.
Ideal for regular entertainers. Create a conversation ring layout with your modular sofa, additional chairs and other furniture arranged in a circular arrangement for an inclusive feel.

Living room layouts with modular sofas

Are you looking for ideas on how to design a small living area? The modular sofa can be adapted to any size room, so you can create the perfect-sized sofa in a small space. You have much more control over the design and use of your living area with a modular sofa.

As a natural room divider, you could use the backrest of a modular corner sofa.