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Which tiles are best for a small bathroom?

What are the best bathroom tiles to choose?

Once upon a time, picking bathroom tiles was easy However, now you have an selection of tiles to choose from.

What do you think about patterns? How about tile size? Colour? We understand the stress that can arise when trying to choose the right tiles for your home We’re here to assist you. From the most popular trends to the top tips, we have everything you require to make your bathroom the perfect space.

How to choose bathroom tiles for the bathroom?

Budget your spending; this will decide which tiles you decide to pick. There is a variety of tiles, which differ greatly in price, from high-end natural stone tiles, to low-cost ceramic. If you are budget conscious, consider allowing for sample tiles. The samples let you view the actual tile that you have in your room. While removing samples can be time consuming, when you get down to that perfect tile, we guarantee you’ll be happy.

Aside from making a budget and choosing the tiles that fit your style. That doesn’t mean that you should play with your money; it’s being aware of the styles you go back to and which ones inspire you. Let your house be your guide, however, don’t let it stifle you. Create mood boards, get on Pinterest, and look at the latest trends to be inspired. Once you know what look you want to create you’ll be more comfortable selecting the right tiles.

Can I use different floor tiles in different rooms?

There aren’t any strict rules that says tiles need to be the same throughout the home. If you’re looking to create an open-plan living space, you might want your bathroom to be finished with the same floor tiles like the rest of the home. To put it simply select the tile that is best for the room, that may include the exact tiles as elsewhere in the house but it could also be an entirely unique room. It’s best apply porcelain tiles to flooring.

The bathroom’s floor and wall tiles match?

Similar to the one above There isn’t a requirement that wall and floor tiles need to match. A uniform look from floor to wall will make the space feel bigger and more spacious. Likewise, contrasted floor tiles can make the space more distinct. Why not mix & match? Installing two kinds of tiles in one space is a great way to draw attention.

Which tiles would be ideal for small bathrooms?

There are many misconceptions regarding bathroom tiles and tiny bathrooms, which is why we decided to clarify the entire issue.

One myth is that tiles with small sizes aren’t suitable for small bathroom spaces. The truth is that larger tiles make the bathroom appear larger and having fewer grout lines makes them easy to clean. However, if you’ve discovered tiny mosaics or tiles that you like, don’t be afraid to use them! Combining large and small tiles will help your space feel larger as the smaller tiles will provide clarity and depth, which can trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger than it actually is.

The other myth is that you should only use bright colors. Light colors will create a feeling of greater size by scattering light throughout the room. But, just as matching large and small tiles can create depth and depth, so is pairing dark and light colors. If you’re inclined to darker hues choose darker shades in clearly defined spaces like showers and splashbacks.

One thing that people are told not to do in small bathrooms is patterns. While we don’t suggest covering the room in patterns, each tile is needed in the bathroom and patterned tiles are no exception. Consider using them in small areas or as accent tiles, and let the design be bright and vibrant or as dark as you’d like, but leave the rest plain.

What are the current trends in bathroom design?

We’ve tracked the top styles in the design of bathrooms and style to inspire you.

Patterns are back

On the floor, the wall flooring, shower floors, and patterned tiles are everywhere. And you can see the reason. If they are in bright or soft hues they’re the perfect option to add a splash of color to any room particularly the bathroom. They allow you to experiment and bring the right amount of personality to your home. 2021 sees a surge in the demand for encaustic pattern tiles as well as wow factor mosaic tiles. These tiles are available in both porcelain and ceramic with beautiful geometric patterns.

Who said neutrals are boring?

Neutral tones are often given the wrong impression as dull and boring. However, this year see a modern revival. The minimalist design is in favour of the nude colors like beige and cream. Likewise, modern bathrooms are mixing grey and beige to create stunning, relaxing spaces that are both fresh and timeless. The classic white and black neutrals. They can give bathrooms brighter, more vibrant, stunning look, or be paired together in the classic monochrome that will always remain trendy.

Dimension Jumping

Get rid of the standard tiles, 3D tiles are now entering the show. Since the market is becoming more saturated, manufacturers have had to think outside of the box. The result? Unique, beautiful tiles that can add some fun and character to your bathroom. The tiles range from the simple to show-stopping however, they all will create movement and texture in your bathroom. This is a fairly recent trend, but one that we suggest keeping your eye on.

Wood, inside the bath?

Wood isn’t often the choice of material for a bathroom, but ceramic and porcelain tiles have perfected the wood-effect design and we’re in awe of it! From maple to oak These tiles have been given the weathered, distressed and whitewashed designs down. This means you can enjoy the rustic beauty and natural beauty of real wood is making its way into the bathroom floor and walls without any of the worry. A growing number of homeowners are including the wood effect tiles in their bathrooms in 2022.

Think Pink

Pink bathrooms are on the rise, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s not a color that belongs to any particular gender, and the wide array of shades is a great match for any style of interior. Bright, fresh, and trendy, if you’re there’s a question, go with pink.

Meet us at the Metro

Metro tiles are not a new trend and have been used for a while. Lately they’ve been given modern twists however. The traditional white look is now being replaced with an explosion of vibrant colors. Homeowners can even mix & mix their metro tiles, using different colours in different patterns, to create an appearance that is truly unique to them. The options are virtually endless with metro tiles, and we’re not seeing this trend going anywhere other than up.

Other suggestions and tricks for making your bathroom the perfect space

If you’re using a small bathroom play with how you set your tiles. A diagonal pattern tricks the eyes into thinking that a room is bigger than it is by drawing the eye towards the longest length of the room. Chevron and herringbone patterns can also be used to trick the eye! Even if you’re not the biggest fan of diagonal patterns, brick bond might be the best choice. It is a way to break up the grid and creates an illusion of space.

If you’re tiling a small bathroom, you can choose glossy, metallic or mother-of-pearl-finish tiles. These will enhance a space by giving it greater scale than a plain light tile.

The days are gone when grout is only available in one color. The grout today can be an extra design element in your bathroom. Pairing a dark grout with white tiles can make them an accent. You can even blend your grout and tile shades! This will give your bathroom the look of a luxurious, seamless design and give the illusion of larger space.