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Who Can Benefit From Level Access Showers?

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Have you met someone who has difficulty to get in or out of the bath or shower? A shower with an accessible level could provide a practical solution that can make personal care easier and safer, aiding independent living for longer and providing a more comfortable showering experience for people who have mobility issues.

But what is a level access shower and what is their purpose? Read on to find out…

What Is A Access Shower? Access Shower?

A level access shower is a shower that doesn’t have tray or steps, and is completely on the same level as the floor. Much like the concept of a wet area that allows people who struggle to get into a standard shower to walk straight into their shower like the rest of their bathroom.

This secure and practical design provides a straightforward and elegant option for those with limited mobility such as people who are older, those with disabilities or anyone else who has a restricted mobility. They are also an ideal option for those who require help with personal hygiene tasks as they are more spacious that allow family members or caregivers to assist in washing.

What is the process for Level Access Showers Are They Effective?

Showers with access levels are basically the same as a soaking room. Instead of having an enclosed shower with a tray which you must walk into, the whole room is transformed into a waterproof easily access shower.

With floor-to-ceiling waterproof tiles as well as a non-slip floor, and an innovative drainage system to ensure that the water drains swiftly they can provide a simple solution to a frequently frustrating and dangerous scenario.

Why can’t they leak? Why does the water not pool and seep through into the area below? The new shower floor will have a very small slope that permits water to flow towards the drain. This eliminates the risk of water pooling. The slope is so small that you will not notice it as you enter and out, however the water has no choice but to flow into the drain.

Because there’s no shower tray required it’s an easy to use shower with plenty of space, and a bathroom completely free of tripping hazards and very user-friendly.

What Are The Benefits Of Level Access Showers?

Level access showers allow for personal hygiene to be easier as well as safer and more sanitary. For those who aren’t, a level access shower could be the difference between spending their final years at home, or moving into assisted living or a residential care facility.

The benefits are:

More Independence More Independence Level access showers are able to provide access to wash facilities for those who may otherwise be unable to stay at home.

Greater Space for Assistance The entire room can be transformed into a shower area, making it easier for carers or others to wash the person in need of assistance.

Rapid and Safe Drainage – Even though the water drains onto the floor, there’s no danger of flooding since the water drains swiftly and effectively.

Luxurious Design – With wide variety of fixtures and fittings, your new bathroom doesn’t have to appear spartan. It can be designed to your specifications and look fantastic in your house.

Minimal Disruption – They are extremely easy to set up and can be installed within just a couple of days.

Non-Slip Floors – If finished correctly the floor will not get slippery. Ceramic tiles with an R Rating (Slip-Resistance-Rating) of at least R11 or higher are required.

Who is the best candidate for Level Access Showers?

Showers with access to the floor are perfect for those who are elderly, with mobility problems wheelchair users and for anyone who prefers more room to wash.

But that’s not to say they’re not a great addition to any household! Level access showers help children shower more comfortably, as you don’t have to deal with shaky shower curtains or blocking shower screens!

Shower rooms with a wet look have experienced an increase in popularity due to their easy convenience. A majority of people are choosing to skip the bath to take a shower as you not only decrease your water usage, but you also increase the speed of morning and nighttime routines.

This means that while the changes to your bathroom will remain in place, it will not be seen as a negative for potential buyers should the time comes to market your house. What’s the Timeframe to Install a Level Access Shower?

Some people feel a little worried about having their bathroom renovated as well as a level-access shower installed. It’s not ideal to let strangers into and out of your home and the bathroom not being used isn’t the best idea, but it’s surprisingly quick to complete and the end result is worth the short-term inconvenience.

How long it takes to finish your shower installation with access to the floor will very much depend on the level of work needed along with the design and finishes you select.

A basic shower installation and removal could take as little as 2-3 days however a bathroom that needs complete refurbishment i.e. installing a new floor and walls may take up to two weeks.

A consultation with one of our design specialists will provide you with an estimate of how long the project could take. They are also able to provide suggestions on how to minimize disruption for you, which will make installation simple and easy.

Things to be aware of…

Level access showers offer an effective, safe and easy solution for people who need more accessibility in their bathroom. As with all things there are a few things that you must be aware of before you choose to have an wet area or a level access showers installed.

Regular Maintenance Will Be Needed Like all showers, it is essential to clean it and the floor gully has to be checked regularly to prevent slow draining.

They could look clinical The design of a bathroom can make your bathroom looking like a hospital or care facility. This is easily avoided by selecting a reliable installer who will take design into account when planning your refurbishment.

Damp Build-Up – Uncontrolled steam can result in damp, therefore it is essential to have the correct extraction system installed inside your wet space. A professional installer will go about it with you and ensure you get the ventilation you need to protect your home.