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Why Vintage Furniture Is The Hottest Home Decor Trend

Since you’re here, I’m sure that you know precisely why mid-century or antique furniture is ideal furniture to have in your home. However, maybe you’re still undecided in the direction of vintage, or are new to. There are many reasons I am a fan of antique furniture and keep it in my house (we don’t have any new furniture) however these are my top 10 arguments.

Vintage furniture looks great

It is no secret that the straight lines of furniture from the past look modern and elegant. It has that Scandinavian style that is trendy today. But let’s ignore fashion. The sleek lines add a contemporary look to any space and especially furniture made of teak. They look amazing and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

The furniture of the past is an ethical choice

Furniture from the past is everywhere on the market, so why purchase new furniture to reuse furniture in the past? Modern furniture that is flat-pack is mostly manufactured overseas and then shipped in, causing pollution during the process of manufacturing and transportation. Pick vintage furniture to make an environmentally friendly option If you purchase it from a charity shop you’ll be contributing an important cause, too.

Furniture from the past is (mostly) good quality

Furniture from the past is usually beautiful and craftsmen create an excellent finish, with particulars like dove-tailed joints or piano hinges. They also make utilization of wood that is solid. Furniture is not generally manufactured like this anymore, because we are able to get cheaper prices for furniture as a whole and this results in corners being removed, the veneer being finished being applied and less expensive materials. Of course , you should seek out pieces that have endured up to the tests of time, such like G Plan or Ercol and keep them in good condition so that they last for a longer time.

Furniture from the past is a great investment

If you purchase well and care for your furniture, there’s no reason it shouldn’t keep its value or increase in value. If you purchase your furniture from a contemporary store, you’re unlikely to receive your money back if you decide to sell it. You should look out for names that are designer as well as solid teak, not veneer, and attractive, appealing elements like handles and legs. When it was first made, it wasn’t mass-produced, which makes some pieces scarcer and therefore worth more .

Furniture from the past is distinctive.

What I love about my home is that my house is distinctive, since I’ve chosen pieces that are interesting and that were designed during the 1950s and 1970s. I don’t want my house be a catalog. I want something that is a reflection of our personal style. I’m looking for something fun, too items that make me smile.

The furniture of the past is re-storable

If you happen to spill something on you (heaven may be!) antique furniture can be repaired. There are products that you can buy to mask scratches caused by teak, however you can rub down properly designed wooden furniture to give it back to life. It’s not possible to do that with flat-pack pieces that are mass-produced!

Furniture from the past (can be) cost-effective

Yes, vintage furniture is expensive, however if you compare it to contemporary furniture the older pieces are cheaper. Visit places such as The Vintage Home Show and Furniture Flea to purchase an amazing piece of furniture at an affordable cost.

Furniture from the past is sturdy and durable

Have you recently moved into a new home? I can remember moving from a rental house to my first house back in the 90s, and my MFI furniture literally broke up when I moved! Furniture from the past is durable and can be moved with no worry of falling into pieces. But of course, you must be aware of your furniture as you do not want to scratch the furniture!

The furniture of the past can be reused

If the furniture you have is in need of repair, and this is often the case, at the very least, you could paint it (PLEASE make sure you only paint things that are headed for the trash). Wood can be sanded and painted, whereas laminated contemporary pieces can’t.

Vintage furniture can be nostalgic

I love it when the pieces of my home bring me back to my family. So many items that we own previously owned by family members who passed before us. Our daughter’s furniture room was the property of my aunt. The swivel chairs that were in the lounge were owned by my husband’s great-uncle. It gives us a sense of nostalgia which brings us joy and the fact that our children cherish them makes their spirit remain.