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Discover the benefits of a smart light switch

The procedure of installing the Light Switch may seem a bit more complex than other HomeKit accessories since you’ll need take out your screwdriver, switch off the circuit breaker for lighting and then wire it. It is also important to be aware about neutral wires as well as external connections.

The (often little) amount of work involved is worth it since HomeKit light switches that can replace your current ones are the top of the line in smart home gadgets.

Intelligent, but still able to be controlled the same method

A light switch that is HomeKit-enabled that connects to the lighting circuit of your home transforms any lightbulb into a smart one regardless of whether it’s your main ceiling light in your living room or the spotlights on your kitchen’s work surfaces And you don’t have to replace one lightbulb.

Our first experience with connected lighting was the use of a smart LED lightbulb for our lamp for dining. It wasn’t the most practical option as the lamp required to be on constantly. This meant that if we wanted to control the light using our iPhone but someone else had turned off the lamp at its switch it was no longer possible to manage the smart lightbulb with the application. You can’t ban all people from touching the switch of the lamp or tapping it or taking it off completely, since that will not only make you look unpopular however, it could also damage the entire appearance of the wall or lamp by doing so.

We wanted our children (without iPhones) and visitors (without access to software) specifically to be in a position to “control” our home at any time they want. Thus, installing the Light Switch means nothing changes for them in the initial instance, however, doing it will open the door to potentials that are new and useful.

Convenience hidden from the plain view of

The most intelligent products blend seamlessly with your house, without anyone even noticing they’re present. They provide so much comfort in the quiet that you’re struck by the natural way to automate your home and includes heaters that only are heated when you’re in the room and, in this instance lighting switches that turn light bulbs on and off based on the timing of the day and if the person is at home.

However, no one in our household is thrilled about the latest technology. But , thanks to the help of our Light Switch, I’ve learned that the connected lightswitch is by far the most efficient method to make each member of my household into an intelligent home enthusiast without needing to become familiar with the technology.

A variety of features that provide a level of comfort that people get familiar with quickly and easily include lighting for the ceiling that comes off automatically 15 minutes before sunset. Lights for the hallway that come on automatically following sunset, as soon as your front doors open. Also, the lighting in the home turn off when everyone is gone.

Don’t forget the phrase “Hey Siri, lights off” that just rolls off the tongue with no thought in just a couple of days. Try disconnecting your HomePod for a couple of hours.

A homekit light switch provides a kind of convenience that people will not wish to lose anytime very soon.

Smart combination

Small tables lamps, and light strips help make your home warm, however only a few of them can be controlled with an electrical wall switch. Instead of having to control each of them individually I’ve put all the lights into one. It allows me to turn them off or on using Our Light Switch. In order to achieve this, I’ve attached smart E27 bulbs to some lightbulbs and connected one lamp equipped with a specific lighting system to an intelligent plug.

Once established, anyone is able to control the lighting in your home – with the standard switches for lighting, Siri and iPhone.