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How to Remove Yahoo Search from Chrome

Yahoo is one the most widely used search engines worldwide. Its URL is However, it can change depending on where you are located. The URL for the United Kingdom would be, for instance, Yahoo! is a safe and secure site. However, it can be dangerous to redirect to another search engine.
A search engine change can indicate that your browser has been infected by malware. These malware are also called browser hijackers. It changes your browser settings without asking you permission.

This article will help you to uninstall Yahoo Search from Chrome. Learn more about browser hijackers and how to get rid of them from your computer.
How to stop browser hijackers

Yahoo search removed from Chrome logo

Use the latest browser and OS versions
Avoid clicking on suspicious links
Never download untrue files
Software to keep you safe

Yahoo Search is not being used in my Google Chrome.

When you install Google Chrome, Google becomes your default search engine. If your settings are not changed, and you get redirected back to Yahoo, that’s a sign of a problem. Malware is most likely to be affecting your internet browser, also known by browser hijackers.

What is the Yahoo virus and how can it be prevented?

If your default search engine redirects back to Yahoo, this means that you have been infected with malware. It alters your browser settings without your permission. This is why it’s a potentially unwanted app (PUA). These malware programs can alter your default browser settings, homepage, or URLs of new tabs.

Yahoo is free to access and use. Browser hijackers do not benefit you. Some of these redirect you only to sites that have advertisements, where clicks can generate revenue for hackers.

Browser hijackers can be very dangerous. They may use malware to monitor your browsing habits and collect information. Hackers may collect information about you in order to create personalized ads.

However, it is possible for browser hijacking to result in identity theft. Hackers can take control of your entire system and steal sensitive information. It is important to remove the malware immediately.

How can I stop Windows installing unwanted apps?

It can be frustrating to continue getting malware on your devices. You can take these steps to ensure your device is not infected.

A reliable antivirus should perform regular scans, and offer real-time protection. It will warn you about potentially dangerous websites.
Be sure to verify that you are downloading the right application before you install it. You should be cautious when downloading files from unofficial websites.
It is important to update your device’s software. This is crucial because it can provide security patches that are not available in older versions.
Use a safe browser. Yes, your web browser plays an important role in protecting you. Some offer security features like phishing protection or add-on install warnings.


Yahoo’s search engine appears out of nowhere, which is extremely irritating. This happens because a browser hijacker has changed your browser settings. You don’t need to worry as it is easy to remove.

To protect your device against malicious software, I recommend this tutorial. By avoiding untrusted files and using an antivirus, you can ensure that your device is protected against future intrusions.
Why does my Chrome search engine keep switching to Yahoo!

Because of malware, your Chrome search engine keeps changing from Yahoo to Google. This issue can be fixed by changing the settings in your web browser. If the problem continues, you can delete any suspicious programs. Then, check your temporary file directory. Regular scans with an antivirus program are recommended to ensure extra security.
What happens to Google Chrome if I remove it?

Google Chrome won’t remove malware automatically when you uninstall it. You can still have malware installed on your computer. A browser hijacker, even if you use a different browser to access the web, can still change your settings. It is not possible to uninstall Google Chrome. It is better to scan your device using a trusted antivirus program and remove all threats.